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Dr. Sweta Rani

Postdoctoral Researcher sweta.rani@nuigalway.ie

Human MSC-secreted vesicles as a novel topical treatment for inflammatory diseases

Researcher in

Research Project Area: 

Novel topical treatment for inflammatory diseases of the skin and eye using vesicles released from human mesenchymal stem cells

Positions Held: 

Research Fellow (Oct 2009 – Sept 2013) at School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Awards & Honours: 
  1. Barcroft medal (+500€ cash) for Early Career Award, Royal Academy Of Medicine in Ireland and Biomedical Sciences, 22 June 2011
  2. Irish Association for Cancer Research Award for Travel: Annual IACR conference, 2 March 2011.
  3. Fellowship for travel- EMBL Advanced Training Centre Corporate Partnership Programme and EMBO Travel Grants, Oct. 2007.

Reviewer – Grant for Diabetes UK, Journal of Endocrinology, 
Bioanalysis (Journal)

Selected Publications: 

1. Rani S, Corcoran C*, Shiels L*, Germano S, Breslin S, Madden S, McDermott MS, Browne BC, O’Donovan N, Crown J, Gogarty M, Byrne AT, O’Driscoll L: Neuromedin U: a candidate biomarker and therapeutic target to predict and overcome resistance to HER kinase inhibitors: cancer research: Cancer Res. 2014 Jul 15;74(14):3821-33.CAN-13-2053

2. Rani S, Gately K, Crown J, O’Byrne K, O’Driscoll L: Global Analysis of serum microRNAs as potential biomarkers for lung adenocarcinoma: Cancer Biol Ther. 2013 Dec;14(12):1104-12 PubMed

3. Rani S, Mehta JP, Barron N, Doolan P, Jeppesen PB, Clynes M, O’Driscoll L: Decreasing Txnip mRNA and protein levels in pancreatic MIN6 cells reduces reactive oxygen species and restores glucose regulated insulin secretion: Cell Physiol Biochem. 2010;25(6):667-74. PubMed

4. Rani S, O’Daly B, Hill A, O’Driscoll L: Circulating microRNA-141 identified as a potential biomarkers for the early diagnosis of Breast Cancer: TCDJPPS. 2010 Jan; 1(1):16-17. GoogleScholar.

5. Rani S, Clynes M, O’Driscoll L: Detection of Amplifiable mRNA Extracellular to Insulin-Producing Cells: Potential for Predicting Beta Cell Mass and Function: Clin Chem. 2007; 53(11): 1936-44. PubMed

6. Corcoran C, Rani S, O'Driscoll L: miR-34a is an Intracellular and Exosomal Predictive Biomarker for Response to Docetaxel with Clinical Relevance to Prostate Cancer Progression: Prostate. 2014 Sep;74(13):1320-34.PubMed

7. Corcoran C, Rani S, Breslin S, Gogarty M, Ghobrial IM, Crown J, O'Driscoll L: miR-630 targets IGF1R to regulate response to HER-targeting drugs and overall cancer cell progression in HER2 over-expressing breast cancer: Mol Cancer. 2014 Mar 24;13(1):71. PubMed

8. Jella KK, Rani S, O'Driscoll L, McClean B, Byrne HJ, Lyng FM: Exosomes Are Involved in Mediating Radiation Induced Bystander Signaling in Human Keratinocyte Cells: Radiat Res. 2014 Feb;181(2):138-45. PubMed

9. O’Brien K, Rani S, Corcoran C, McDonnell S, Hughes L, Friel AM, Crown J, Radomski MW, O’Driscoll L: Triple-negative breast cancer exosomes can transfer phenotypic traits representing their cells of origin: Eur J Cancer. 2013 May;49(8):1845-59. PubMed

10. Corcoran C, Rani S, O'Brien K, O'Neill A, Prencipe M, Sheikh R, Webb G, McDermott R, Watson W, Crown J, O'Driscoll L: Docetaxel-Resistance in Prostate Cancer: Evaluating Associated Phenotypic Changes and Potential for Resistance Transfer via Exosomes: PLoS One. 2012; 7(12):e50999. PubMed

11. Pierce A, McGowan PM, Cotter M, Mullooly M, O’Donovan N, Rani S, O’Driscoll L, Crown J and Duffy MJ: Comparative antiproliferative effects of iniparib and olaparib on a panel of triple-negative and non-triple-negative breast cancer cell lines: Cancer Biol Ther. 2013 Jun;14(6):537-45. PubMed

12. O'Connell K, Prencipe M, O'Neill A, Corcoran C, Rani S, Henry M, Dowling P, Meleady P, O'Driscoll L, Watson W, O'Connor R: The use of LC-MS to identify differentially expressed proteins in docetaxel-resistant prostate cancer cell lines: Proteomics. 2012 Jul;12(13):2115-26. PubMed

13. O'Neill AJ, Prencipe M, Dowling C, Fan Y, Mulrane L, Gallagher WM, O'Connor D, O'Connor R, Devery A, Corcoran C, Rani S, O'Driscoll L, Fitzpatrick JM, Watson RW: Characterisation and Manipulation of Docetaxel Resistant Prostate Cancer Cell Lines: Mol Cancer. 2011 Oct 7; 10(1):126. PubMed

14. Germano S, Kennedy S, Rani S, Gleeson G, Clynes M, Doolan P, McDonnell S, Hughes L, Crown J, O’Driscoll L: MAGE-D4B is a Novel Marker of Poor Prognosis and Potential Therapeutic Target involved in Breast Cancer Tumorigenesis: Int J Cancer. 2012 May 1;130(9):1991-2002. PubMed

15. Dowling P, Shields W, Rani S, Meleady P, Henry M, Jeppesen P, O'Driscoll L, Clynes M: Proteomic analysis of conditioned media from glucose responsive and glucose non-responsive phenotypes reveals a panel of secreted proteins associated with beta cell dysfunction: Electrophoresis. 2008 Nov; 29(20):4141-9. PubMed

16. Kennedy S, Clynes M, Doolan P, Mehta JP, Rani S, Crown J and O’Driscoll L: SNIP/p140Cap mRNA expression is an unfavourable prognostic factor in breast cancer and is not expressed in normal breast tissue: Br J Cancer. 2008 May 20; 98(10): 1641-5. PubMed

17. O'Driscoll L, Gammell P, McKiernan E, Ryan E, Jeppesen PB, Rani S, Clynes M: Phenotypic and global gene expression profile changes between low passage and high passage MIN-6 cells: J Endocrinol. 2006; 191: 665-676. PubMed 

Research Funding: 
  1. Irish Endocrine Society - summer student research grant 2014
  2. Illumina MiSeq at TrinSeq Competition 2013 – 2,000€


Professional and Personal Interests: 

Extracellular vesicles, Mesenchymal stem cell, Immune responses, Regenerative medicine, Diabetes, Cornea, Cancer