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Dr. Valerie Barron

Purstem Research Project Nanobioengineering
+353 91 492805

Valerie has over 14 years experience in bioengineering research with a strong interest in carbon nanotubes for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.

Researcher in

Research Project Area: 

We are interested in developing biomimetic scaffolds and bioreactors to promote mesenchymal stem cell differentiation along specific pathways.

Positions Held: 

2009 - Present
Research Associate (PurStem)
Bioprocessing mesenchymal stem cells – upscaling the production of MSC for clinical applications


Senior Researcher, National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science (NCBES), National University of Ireland, Galway
Coordinating and managing interdisciplinary bioengineering research group with a strong focus on scaffold development and bioreactor design for cardiovascular applications


July 2002 – September 2002
Visiting Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark DE 19716-3144, USA.
Conducted research on the thermal and mechanical properties of bio-based carbon nanotube based polymer composites.


2000 - 2002
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2.
Developed MSc course in Polymer Science and lectured in Biomedical Physics


Oct. 1998 – April 2000
Department of Materials Science and Technology, University of Limerick.
Lecturer in Materials Science


1994 - 1998
Ph.D in Biomaterials Science,
University of Limerick.
Visiting PhD Researcher – Laboratoire Prof. Francois Schue, Universite Montpellier II, France.
Investigating surface modification of novel biomaterials for hip joint applications


1990 - 1994
Bachelor of Science in Materials Science, University of Limerick.

Awards & Honours: 

2000 - Present    Journal Referee – Biomaterials, Nano Research, Royal Society Interface, Journal of Vascular Research, Tissue Engineering Part A, Annals of Biomedical Engineering and Journal of Biomechanics.

1997   Winner of the Institute of Materials Lecture Competition in Ireland and Runner-Up, UK Final of Institute of Materials Competition,

Selected Publications: 

O’Cearbhaill E.D. Murphy M., Barry F., McHugh P.E., V. Barron. (2010) “Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a 3D Fibrin Matrix towards a Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype” Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 38 (3) 649-57.

Punchard M.A., E.D. O' Cearbhaill, P.E. McHugh, C. Stenson-Cox, V.Barron (2009) Coronary Stents: “Evaluating the Human Endothelial Cell Response In Vitro.” Annals of Biomedical Engineering 37 (7) 1322–1330. (2.605)

Mooney E., P. Dockery, M. Murphy, V. Barron (2008) “Carbon Nanotubes and Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Biocompatibility, Proliferation and Differentiation” Nano Letters 8 (8) 2137-2143.

O’Cearbhaill E.D., M.A. Punchard, P.E. McHugh V. Barron. (2008) “Response of Mesenchymal Stem Cells to the Biomechanical Environment of the Endothelium –An In Vitro Study” Biomaterials 29 (11) 1610-1619.

Gundy S. V. Gilcreest, Y. Rochev, A. Puolakka, M. Rissanen, M. Harwoko, T. Smith, V. Barron. (2008) “Human coronary artery smooth muscle cell response to a novel PLA textile/fibrin gel composite scaffold” Acta Biomaterialia 2008;4(6):1734-44

Punchard M.A., Stenson-Cox C. O’Cearbhaill E., Lyons E., Gundy S., Murphy L., Pandit A., McHugh P.E., Barron V. (2007) “Combinatorial biomechanical conditioning of endothelial cells in a simulated coronary artery environment induces mechano-sensitive gene expression” Journal of Biomechanics 40 (14):3146-54

Research Funding: 

Research Funding Received

Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers Programme (2005- 2008) Tissue Engineered Cardiac Muscle: A Functional Biomaterials Approach,  €170,000, Principle Investigator.

EU FP6 Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Projects (2004-2007) BioSys, €400,000, Collaborator.

SFI/RIA Ireland-China Research Collaboration Fund Agreement. (2004-2007) BIOMAT €20,000 - Collaborator.

EU FP6 Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge (2004-2006) CardioSim €400,000, Collaborator and Work Package Leader.

EU FP6 (2004-2007) STEPS Tissue Engineering €200,000 - Collaborator.

Enterprise Ireland Technology Development Fund ?Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering? (2003-2006) €265,000, Principal Investigator.

Higher Education Authority PRTLI 3 - Trinity Center for Bioengineering Cartilage Tissue Engineering? (2002-2007) €5M - Theme coordinator.

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