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Prof. Uri Frank

+353 91 492334

Professor of Zoology

Developmental Biology, Stem Cells in animals and marine organisms, the manipulation of key stem cells and their derivatives

Researcher in

Research Project Area: 

Stem cell-mediated head regeneration in Hydractinia

Positions Held: 

2009   Senior Lecturer in Zoology, NUI Galway, Developmental Biology

2005   Lecturer, NUI Galway, Developmental Biology

2000  Group Leader, University of Heidelberg, Germany

1994   Postdoctoral Researcher, National Institute of Oceanography, Haifa, Israel

Awards & Honours: 

2007   Science Foundation Ireland Principal Investigator

Selected Publications: 



Millane RC, Kanska J, Duffy DJ, Seoighe C, Cunningham S, Plickert G, Frank U (2011). Induced stem cell neoplasia in a cnidarian by ectopic expression of a POU domain transcription factor. Development138(12): 2429-2439

Duffy DJ, Frank U (2011). Modulation of COUP-TF expression in a cnidarian by ectopic Wnt signalling and allorecognition. PLoS One 6(4): e19443.

Mali B, Millane RC, Plickert G, Frohme M, Frank U (2011). A polymorphic, thrombospondin-containing lectin is an oocyte marker in Hydractinia: implications for germ cell specification and sex determination.Int J Dev Biol 55: 103-108.

Künzel T, Heiermann R, Frank U, Müller WA, Tilmann W, Bause M, Nonn A, Helling M, Schwarz RS, Plickert G (2010). Migration and differentiation potential of stem cells in the cnidarian Hydractiniaanalysed in eGFP-transgenic animals and chimeras. Dev Biol 348: 120-129.

DJ, Plickert G, Kuenzel T, Tilmann W, Frank U (2010). Wnt signaling promotes oral but suppresses aboral structures in Hydractinia metamorphosis and regeneration. Development 137(18): 3057-3066.

Soza-Ried J, Hotz-Wagenblatt A, Glatting KH, del Val C, Fellenberg K. Bode H, Frank U, Hoheisel J, Frohme, M (2010). The transcriptome of the colonial marine hydroid Hydractinia echinata. FEBS J 277(1):197-209.

Frank U, Plickert G, Müller WA (2009). Cnidarian interstitial cells: the dawn of stem cell research. In Rinkevich B, Matranga V (eds) Stem cells in marine organisms. Springer, ISBN: 978-90-481-2766-5.

Frank U (2007). The evolution of a malignant dog. Evol & Dev 9(6): 521-522.

Müller WA, Frank U, Teo R, Mokady O, Gütte C, Plickert G (2007). Wnt signaling in hydroid development: Ectopic heads and giant buds induced by GSK-3ß inhibitors. Int J Dev Biol 51: 211-220.

Plickert G, Jacoby V, Frank U, Müller WA, Mokady O (2006). Wnt signaling in hydroid development: Formation of the primary body axis in embryogenesis and its subsequent patterning. Dev Biol 298: 368-378.

Professional and Personal Interests: 

Member of the British Society for Developmental Biology

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