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Before preparing for full scale printing, re-check that you have included
all of the necessary information. Here are some common oversights:

Have you proofed typos one last time?

Have you used headings to orient readers and convey major points?

Have you broken your poster up into sections, much like a scientific article?

Have you displayed all your graphs, pictures, photos, illustrations, etc. in context?

Have you included your full contact information - including the name of your University?

Have you included the name of your supervisor/s -
and where they’re from?

Have you remembered to acknowledge all contributors
to your research (colleagues, volunteers, etc)?

Have you included the names and
logos of your funding organisations?

Have you included your list of references?

Will readers be able to contact you?

Gather constructive criticism - Redesign based on feedback.


'Printing to Tiles' means that you can print out the A0/A1 sized document on multiple pages, in order to make one large poster. Using this method of printing, there are crop and trim marks where you can basically trim the pages so that they seamlessly meet. Then you can tape them together to create A0/A1 poster.

If you have an A4 printer and you want to print out your pdf poster at A0/A1 size, simply follow these steps using Adobe Distiller, Adobe Acrobat (or equivalent pdf related software):


bullet Select 'Create Multi-Page PDF From Page Tiles' in the file menu.
bullet If you find that you cannot select this option, you need to set it up in the print dialog, click done, then do a save as pdf.
bullet Note: It is also handy to choose View > Show page tiling before you save to pdf or print.
bullet Finally, print as indicated.