The following is a list of available forms:‌

‌‌‌‌‌ ‌‌Please note, in raising PPFs against project labour budgets please ensure that you maintain adequate allowance for pension provision – as per the original submitted/agreed budget.  Pension provisions in the budget cannot be used to supplement the salary budget and/or re-allocated to other budget categories. 

Post Proposal Form (PPF) IUA Scale 2021- Use for researchers employed from January 2018 i.e. use for all new posts.

Post Proposal Form (PPF) IUA Scale 2013 - Use for researchers employed before June 2013, if unsure contact HR.

Post Proposal Form (PPF) NUIG Scale - ‌Use for researchers employed before June 2013, if unsure contact HR.

Please allow a five-day turn around for Research Accounts Office approval of your PPF. The HR deadline to receive approved PPFs is the 15th of the month prior to the post start date. HR will process PPFs for cost centre change only if they are received by 10th of the month that the change is being made.

Other Forms

Budget Proposal Calculation Tool

Internal Invoice Template

 External Invoice Template

Corrections of Mis-Coded Payroll Transactions

 Form for Miscoded Transactions

‌‌Salary Calculation Tool (IUA Scales)


PI Time Calculation Tool