Important Scholarship Information

Dates for submission of forms and payment dates for funded scholarship students

Month   Submission DeadlinePayment Date
January 2021 7th 22nd January
February 2021 7th 19th February
March 2021 7th 24th March
April  2021 7th 23rd April
May 2021 7th 24th May
June 2021 7th 23rd June
July 2021 7th 23rd July
August 2021 7th 24th August
September 2021 7th 23rd September
October 2021 7th 21st October
November 2021 7th 23rd November
December 2021 1st* Please note early submission date Date to be confirmed

NOTE: Correct scholarship form must be emailed by the Agresso Account Holder to:



  • International Visiting students should contact their school Admin office or their Supervisor for a letter to obtain a PPS number and an Irish Back Account.
  • Full time International students should contact the International Office for letters to obtain a PPS number and an Irish Bank Acount.
  • Forms can not be submitted without a PPS number and/or an Irish Bank Account or SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Bank Account (which includes a BIC and IBAN). SEPA is made up of the Eurozone, countries within the EU and a few other countries which also support EUR bank transfers. 
  • If a student is full time registered at another Educational Establishment then a letter of Proof of Registration from that University is needed to accompany the Scholarship form at the time of submission covering the period in which the student is visiting the NUI Galway campus. 
  • The STUDENT signature required for the Revenue Declaration Form must be an original signature.


 Any queries or questions please contact your college office or your supervisor regarding the Scholarship form