The Research Office organises many events - training, seminars, symposiums - throughout the year.

Upcoming seminars and webinars

Research Professional (online research funding opportunities service) - Webinar Training 

    • Click here for more information on Research Professional.
      Once a month Research Professional run a 60-minute online training broadcast, aimed at introducing users to the basics of creating and configuring their personal accounts on Research Professional, as well as introducing them to the features of the platform.  Sessions can be viewed from your own computer, and you will be able to ask questions via text chat. To register for a session, just follow the link (given below) for your desired date.
    • Each session covers:
      • Self-registration and logging in
      • Building searches
      • Setting personalised alerts
      • Saving and bookmarking items
      • Subscribing to news alerts. 
    • Each session will run between 10.00am and 11.00am (GMT), the next session takes place: