Grant-in-Aid of Publication Fund

Deadline for applications: Thursday 2nd of August 2018, 13:00

Please download and complete both of the below forms: 

Please send the completed forms to

Terms and Conditions

  • Applications are open to all current staff and retired members of permanent staff of NUI Galway
  • Proof that the title has been accepted by an external reputable publisher for publication must be provided
  • Proposed publications must be a research, scholarly or pedagogic work of high academic distinction
  • Publication costs for journal articles are not funded through this scheme
  • This fund provides a contribution of up to one third of to the overall publication costs associated with a scholarly book or monograph
  • The minimum requested amount is €500
  • Publications which benefit from financial subvention from this fund must carry an appropriate and agreed acknowledgement of the subvention and its source
  • Awarded funds must only be used for their stated purpose unless otherwise agreed with the Grant-in-Aid of Publication Fund Committee. Failure to comply will require the automatic reimbursement of awarded funds and/or result in the applicant being prohibited from future subventions from this fund
  • Any under spend must be returned to the Research Office within one month of publication
  • On publication a copy of the final work must be supplied to the Research Office and associated details uploaded to IRIS/ARAN
  • Application forms will be accepted only according to the forms and details specified above
  • For further information please contact