SFI Opportunistic Fund for Research Infrastructure 2015 – Internal Call for Proposals 2018 – Round 2

The purpose of the award under the 2015 SFI Research Infrastructure Call is to enable the purchase of infrastructure where terms are particularly advantageous, e.g., where a supplier is winding up, industry facility decommissioning, from receivers or liquidators, or through auction, etc.  Allowable costs may include also (in relation to the item purchased under the Strategic Opportunity Fund):

    1. Maintenance or service contracts (for up to 2 years from purchase date).
    2. Materials and Consumables required to operate the infrastructure (and not for specific research projects) for up to 2 years from the purchase date.
    3. Software.
    4. Training for key personnel required to operate the equipment.

Please click SFI-Opportunistic-Fund_final 2018 ROUND 2 191217 to download the application form and for more information.