Animal Care Research Ethics Committee (ACREC)

‌Since 2013, ACREC has worked in conjunction with the guidelines and processes implemented by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) to ethically review studies that involve animals for scientific purposes. 

The Animal Care Research Ethics Committee meets approximately 6 times per year.  To apply for ethical approval for a study that will use animal experiments, your application must reach the ACREC committee prior to close of submissions for the next meeting. 

Applications and all queries must be emailed to

The next ACREC deadline is Friday 20th July 2018, at 5pm.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Any applications received after this deadline will not be included in the next meeting, but put forward for the following meeting.

NEW! Guidelines for Researchers

Study Design Guidelines for ACREC / HPRA - Section F

NEW!  Articles of Interest

Eggel et al 2018: Necessary but not sufficient. The benefit concept in the project evaluation of animal research...
Voelkl et al 2018: Reproducibility of preclinical animal research improves with heterogeneity of study samples.
Walker et al 2016: Mixed-strain housing for female C57BL6 DBA-2 and BALB-c mice...

Articles from Norecopa - Norway's 3R centre and National Consensus Platform

Animal in Science Committee 2017: Review of harm-benefit analysis.
Davies 2018 (Nature correspondence): Harm-benefit analysis - opportunities for enhancing ethical review in animal research
Lazic et al 2018: What exactly is N in Cell Culture and Animal Experiments?
Lazic et al 2018: What exactly is N in Cell Culture and Animal Experiments? Supplementary material.
Wieschowski et al 2018: Preclinical efficacy studies in investigator brochures.


Information and Forms

The links below will direct you to information and forms relevant to making your application.
See the ACREC Policies & Procedures for a description and overview of ACREC.

+ NUIG Policies & Procedures

+ Submitting an Application to ACREC

+ Submission Closing Dates 2018

+ Application Forms

+ Amendment Forms