Recruitment & Employment of Research Staff


Research posts are funded by external funding grants and agencies and are usually on a fixed term contract basis.  The University recognises the need for research centres to be in a position to recruit research staff in as expedient manner as possible while adhering to best practice methods of recruitment and selection and in compliance with legislation.  The Human Resources Office will assist and advise staff of Research Centres/Schools/Colleges in managing the recruitment of research staff.  All offers of employment at NUI Galway must be processed by the HR office.


It is University policy to advertise all research vacancies except in the case of;

  • Personal awards such as some Marie Curie and Government of Ireland Fellowships – click here.
  • Researchers (and their skills) specifically listed in grant applications – click here.
  • New posts with duration of less than six months without prospect for renewal. (if renewed the post will need to be advertised) – click here.


The Research Recruitment Process

Step 1 

How To Recruit

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5



Step 1- How to Recruit

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to demonstrate to the HR Manager for Research that the post is a Contract Research Post and that the primary function of the post is research.

What we need from you:

Posts will be advertised by Human Resources on receipt of all the necessary documentation from the coordinator of the Post.


Step 2- Advertising

Research posts will be advertised with University and other appropriate logos (signpost adverts) in requested publications with the standard closing dates as follows:

NUI Galway website     2 weeks
Nationally                     2 to 4 weeks
Internationally              3 to 6 weeks

  • For externally funded research posts the cost of advertisement will be covered from the funding agency/ grant funds
  • Posts will be automatically advertised on HR website, HEAnet and any contracted service providers (incl. free websites) to NUI Galway.
  • Human Resources Office will confirm date post will be advertised and recommend that you circulate the advertisement to colleagues and possible interested parties.  

Turnaround Time: Posts will generally be advertised within two weeks of receipt of all the completed documentation.

Step 3-Shortlisting
  • The individual Research Centre or Post Coordinator will receive the applications directly, either via post or e-mail
  • It is essential that a record of all applications be recorded by the post coordinator – an excel spreadsheet is useful for this purpose
  • The post coordinator will agree a meeting with the board of assessors so that all applications can be reviewed
  • The Shortlisting form should be completed and signed by all members of the Board of Assessors
  • The Shortlisting form should indicate the decisions from the shortlisting meeting and the reasons for the decisions in relation to each applicant. This includes the Essential and Desirable Selection criteria for the post and the agreed decision of the Board of Assessors in respect of each candidate vis a vis the specified criteria.
  • All members of the Board of Assessors are required to keep all matters pertaining to   recruitment and selection as confidential.
  •  At the shortlisting meeting, the Board of Assessors should agree on a suitable interview date (at least 2 weeks forward) and any specific assessment methods required e.g. Presentation.
  •  Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview
  • Those candidates not shortlisted should receive a regret letter from the post coordinator within one week of the shortlisting meeting.
  • HR will provide the post coordinator with samples of all required letters.

 What do we need from you?

 A copy of the completed and signed shortlisting form should be returned to the HR Office

Step 4- Interview
  • Ideally, a minimum of 10 working days notice will be given to candidates to attend for interview
  • The candidates should receive an invitation letter  from the post coordinator containing details of the interview venue, time of interview, expense claim information (if applicable) and any other information – sample invitation letters available from HR.

For the interview

        Each board member should receive an Interview pack from the post coordinator containing the following information:

  • Interview schedule
  • Job advert/Job description
  • Copies of all candidates applications
  • Guidelines for non-discriminatory interview
  • Research assessment form – It is recommended that each member of the Board of Assessors complete an individual Interview Assessment Form for each candidate
  • Additional forms are required for the Chairperson who must also complete an Interview Assessment Summary Form for each candidate to contain the agreed marks and constructive comments for feedback for each applicant signed by each board member.
  • The Chairperson of the Board of Assessors then completes an Interview Report  outlining the Agreed Panel Mark and Comments on how the decision was made. The report must be signed by all members of the Board of Assessors.
  • Required documentation from the Interview process to be collated by the Chair of the Board of Assessors and submitted to the Human Resources                Office in advance of the post being offered to the successful candidate

What we need from you ?

Once the interview process has been concluded the post coordinator must send the following items to the HR Manager – Research

  • Completed Interview report
  • CV and contact details of successful candidate
  • Confirmation of proposed salary and start date
  • References – may be sought with the permission of the candidate before or after the interview (sample request letter from HR)

Post interview – regret letters must be sent by the post coordinator to unsuitable candidates within 3 weeks of the interview date.  Reserve candidates should be notified once the successful candidate has confirmed their acceptance - sample letters available from HR

Records:  A personal file will be kept of the new employee in HR

Information and Records on each recruitment campaign must be kept by the Post Coordinator for 2 years.


Step 5- Offer of Post(By HR Office)

Post will be offered to successful candidate upon receipt of all the required paperwork.   HR staff will issue offer letter, contract, work authorisation (if applicable), pre-employment health assessment forms, Gárda clearance (for some posts) and any other required paperwork.

Records:  A personal file will be kept of the new employee in HR

What we need from you ?

  • copies of application/cv of successful candidate
  • completed shortlisting form
  • Interview Assessment Forms
  • Interview Summary Report


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