Contract Review & Other Legal Requirements


Accepting an Award

All externally funded research must be formally accepted by the University through Research Support Services. This includes research grants, contract research and donations given for research purposes.

Who can Accept an Award?

No individual member of staff of the University can officially accept an award. All awards are legal contracts between the funder and the University and therefore must be authorised and accepted on behalf of the University by Research Support Services.

As a Principal Investigator you may also need to sign the documentation associated with accepting an award, as may the co-investigators, partners or research students funded on the project. It is very important that whatever documents you sign, you are fully aware of the obligations you are accepting. If you are in any doubt at all about what you are signing and why, please contact a member of the University legal team

Enterprise Ireland Awards/I.P Contracts/Industry or Contract Research

All other funding agencies

Checks by Research Support Services Prior to accepting an award:

  • Check in detail the terms and conditions of the award, that they are acceptable to the researchers and to the University, taking any appropriate legal advice. Key obligations and responsibilities relating to the project are highlighted to all researchers e.g. conditions relating to confidentiality on the project, intellectual property completion and conditions relating to conflicts of interest
  • It also important that any arrangements for subcontracting part of the work on a grant or contract or for devolving research governance repsonsibilities to another organisation is finalised. Please inform Research Support Services of any such arrangements so that the appropriate subcontracts can be drawn up.




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