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Working Papers

Csaba Forgacs, Katalin Horvath and Andras Balint. Spicy Paprika Powder in Hungary.
Perception of Producers, Traders and Consumers.
IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Matthieu Ansaloni. Implementation of the European regulation on geographical indications for agricultural products in Hungary: The case of paprika. IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Claire Venot. Producer groups: a study of coordination methods context of institutional change: Example of the pig sector, Poznan, Poland. IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Ilona Banaszak, Volker Beckmann. Compliance with Rules and Sanctioning in Producer Groups in Poland. IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Edel B. Doherty, Tom M. van Rensburg, Catherine Murray. Partnerships And Social Capital: A Sustainable Approach To Recreational Tourism. IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Salvatore Di Falco, Tom van Rensburg. Cooperation and Conservation in the Management of Common Property Resources: The Case of Irish Commonage. IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Salvatore Di Falco, Ahto Oja, Tom van Rensburg. Adoption of organic farming in Estonia. IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Salvatore Di Falco, Tom van Rensburg, Ivan Penov, Alexi Aleksiev. Land fragmentation and genetic crop diversity: A study of Bulgarian farmers. IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Thomas van Rensburg, Mark Tomlinson, Edel Doherty, Catherine Murray. Exploring social capital and its effects within two rural partnerships. IDARI Working Paper. (Password Protected)

Ilona Banaszak. Agricultural Producer Groups in Poland – Empirical Survey Results.
IDARI Working Paper Berlin, November, 2005.

Frédéric Morand, Marco Barzman. European sustainable development policy (1972-2005):
fostering a two-dimensional integration for more effective institutions
. IDARI Working Paper, November, 2005.

Catherine Murray. Social Capital and Cooperation In Central and Eastern Europe: A Theoretical Perspective. ICAR Discussion Paper 9/2005.

Wadim Strielkowsk, Adam Wasilewski. "Should I work or should I go?:Estimating elasticities of labour supply: a case of Polish rural workers."

Marie Vavrejnova, Silja Lüpsik. "Some Comparisons across Selected CEE Countries in the Context of the Living Standard of the Rural Population"

Dr. Cathal O’Donoghue, Wadim Strielkowski. "Ready to go? EU Enlargement and migration potential: lessons for the Czech Republic in the context of Irish migration experience"


Conference Presentations

Aine Macken Walsh. Community action in post-Socialist Lithuania; a comparative case-study of
two rural villages
, Paper presented at 5th Annual Aleksanteri Conference 10-11 November 2005

Aine Macken Walsh. "Community Action: the case of the Ukmerge district in post-socialist Lithuania", Conference paper presented to the XXI Congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS) 22-28 August, 2005

Aine Macken Walsh. "Governance and Rural Development in the Post-Socialist countryside: the case for Partnerships Programme in Lithuania", Paper Presented at Fulbright Seminar on Regional Development, Vienna, July 2005.

Piotr Matczak, Ilona Banaszak. "Collective action and nature protection: The case of the Drawa National Park (Poland)." Presented to the ESEE conference: Science and Governance, June 14-17, 2005, Lisbon.

Piotr Matczak, Ilona Banaszak, Viktoria Takacs. "Cooperation in an environmentally protected area: Drawa National Park case study"

Aine Macken Walsh. " 'Communities' and their Development: a Snapshot of Irish organisation and administration" Presentation given to Expert Committee on Communities at Lithuanian Parliament, May 2005. Presentation (Lithuanian)

Violeta Dirimanova, Land Market with Fragmented Landownership Rights in Bulgaria: An
Institutional Approach.
Conference paper presented at the 94th EAAE Seminar, Ashford (UK), 9-10 April 2005.

IDARI Dissemination Event

Henrik Litske (Research Manager, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Dublin), Quality of Life in Rural Europe. Presented to theIDARI Dissemination Event, Dublin, June 2, 2006.

Wadim Strielkowski. Factors influencing success of small rural Polish enterprises. Presented to the European Foundation of the improvement of living and working conditions, Dublin, 2nd of June 2006

Annette Hurrelmann, Catherine Murray and Volker Beckmann. Social Capital and Leadership: Rural Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe. Presented to theIDARI Dissemination Event, Dublin, June 2, 2006.

Thomas Van Rensburg. Partnerships, Networks, Social Capital & Rural Development. Presented to theIDARI Dissemination Event, Dublin, June 2, 2006.


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Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources, Key Action 5.
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