Ph.D. Programme:Doctoral Programme
Dissemination Activities

IDARI Doctoral Programme

Lectures and coursework is provided by NUI Galway, as well as members of the IDARI consortium, and is constituted as follows:

  1. Economics (120 hours)
    (i) Micro and macroeconomics (60 hours): a general course on themes in micro and macroeconomics, pertinent to rural development analysis: decision theory, labour markets, capital markets, entrepreneurship, spatial theories, etc.
    (ii) Institutional Economics (20 hours + 20 hours approximately of guest lectures)
    (iii) Economics of Innovation (20 hours)
    (iv) Theory of the Firm: alternative perspectives (20 hours)
  2. Scientific methodology (20 hours)
    (i) Formulating theory, approaches to testing theory – different schools of thought
  3. Statistical Methods (1x25 hours)
    (i) Socioeconomic variables: measurement, correlation and causality
    (ii) General Linear Model: quantitative and qualitative variables
    (iii) Other statistical models
    (iv) Data sources: secondary data and sampling
  4. Specialist courses:
    (i) Transition Economics (20 hours)
    (ii) Sustainable Rural Development: Theory and Policy (with particular reference to the EU) (20 hours)
    (iii) Environmenal/Ecological economics (20 hours)
    (iv) Advanced econometrics (20 hours) (Optional
  5. Seminars (Topics related to focus of theses)
    In addition to and after the coursework delivered in Galway, there will be an ongoing delivery of course material and dialogue between IDARI Ph.D. students and lecturers through the internet medium Blackboard, which will be operated from Galway. Blackboard will also be utilised as the communication medium between supervisors and students.


Course Outlines

  • Summer Term
  • Autumn Term
    • Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Prof. Thomas Boylan)
    • Qualitative Research Methods (Dr. Rachel Hilliard)
    • Rural Development (Prof. Michael Cuddy, Catherine Murray)
  • Winter Term
    • Econometrics
    • Transition Economics

Course Notes

IDARI is financed under the European Commission's Framework Programme 5 (FP5)
Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources, Key Action 5.
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