Introduction to ArcGIS & Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

2-Day Training Course

The Ryan Institute GIS Centre runs short training courses in GIS throughout the year specifically in ArcGIS but that can be adapted to open source software such as QGIS.

Our 2-Day ArcGIS courses are held at regular intervals throughout the year, and usually in response to demand.

Our courses are open to students, staff and participants from any background (from inside and outside NUI Galway) with or without previous experience with GIS or spatial mapping.

For further details, registration, etc., please contact the GIS Centre (see below).

For information on booking and course fees, contact:

Basic skills in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are essential to anyone recording, analysing, or visualising geolocalised data or any data located on the globe. Knowledge of GIS software, GIS terminology, the applications of GIS, and the capabilities and limits of GIS, is an essential skill for developing your career in research, teaching and industry.

This short intensive course will provide participants with an introduction to the practical application of GIS software and various geospatial datasets. This classroom-based course involves both supervised tuition and self-paced learning.

This course will provide you with fundamental ‘hands-on’ skills to use ArcGIS, one of the world’s most widely used GIS applications.

NUIG postgraduate students can receive 5 ECTS credits on completion of the course, in addition to completing additional research.

Introduction to ArcGIS Course Outline:

  • Principles of GIS
  • Types of data
  • Coordinate systems
  • File organisation
  • Vector data creation and editing
  • Attribute data editing
  • Raster data editing
  • Georeferencing
  • Sourcing of online data
  • Map creation and layout

ArcGIS 10.x is available to NUIG staff and researchers for on-campus use.

Contact Information Solutions and Services (ISS) for further information.

Additional training can be provided on specific toolsets and analysis using any GIS software. For details contact Dr Benjamin Thébaudeau

Google Earth Training Courses and Workshops

The Ryan Institute GIS Centre is able to provide training courses and short workshops in Google Earth. Please see below for examples of what participants have created during training workshops. Course topics include:

  • Creating Interactive Maps
  • Adding text, photos, movies and hyperlinks to maps
  • Adding Custom/Historic Maps to Google Earth
  • Creating and recording Virtual Tours
  • Saving Movies for Powerpoint etc.
  • Google Earth resources for teaching
  • 3D models for Google Earth

For information on Google Earth Training Courses and Workshops, fees, etc. contact Dr Benjamin Thébaudeau


NUI Galway Short Course Series:

This short course introduces participants to the exciting world of digital maps and 3D geographic visualisation tools.

Students have the opportunity to learn how to harness the power of free Internet mapping applications such as Google Earth and Internet GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

Students learn how to create 3D animated tours and record informative geographic movies in Google Earth.This course is suitable for both general interest map enthusiasts and those looking to apply new geographic skills in their teaching and research.