Dr. Richard John Anderson Book Prize in Biology

The Prize was founded under the Trusts of the Will of the late Dr. Hannah Perry Anderson in memory of her husband, Professor R. J. Anderson, Professor of Natural History in this University (1883-1914). The value of the Prize, originally the interest on €127, being the amount of legacy bequeathed, is now €125. In accordance with the Terms of the Will, the interest is to form a Book Prize in Biology to be called the Richard John Anderson Book Prize.

The Prize shall be awarded to the second year student who, in the opinion of the Professor, has the highest qualifications in Biology.

The Blayney Exhibition in Science (founded By The Late Lord Blayney)

The Blayney Exhibition was established under a bequest left to the University by the 12th Baron Blayney. Cadwallader Davis Blayney was born in London in 1802. He served in the British House of Commons as an MP for Monaghan in 1830-34. On the death of his father, the 11th Baron, in 1834, he was elevated to the title Baron Blayney. Seven years later Baron Blayney was elected as one of the representative peers of Ireland and joined the House of Lords. His family seat, which was sold in 1852, was Castleblayney in Co. Monaghan. Baron Blayney died aged 71 at the Carlton Club in London, leaving no heirs. The Exhibition that bears his name is the oldest surviving student prize awarded by the University.

An Exhibition in Science, originally established under the Blayney Bequest and now valued at €500, is awarded each year, on the following conditions:

  1. The Exhibition is divided equally between the following categories: (i) Life and Field Sciences and (ii) Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences in the Undenominated Science programme
  2. The Exhibition is awarded each year to one student in each category set forth in 1 above who obtains the highest mark in any subject for the B.Sc. Honours Undenominated Science degree set forth in 3:
  3. The Exhibition will be awarded in 2014/15 to the student who obtains the highest mark in any of the following subjects in the B.Sc. Honours degree examination:
    • Life and Field Sciences
      Anatomy, Biochemistry, Botany, Earth and Ocean Sciences, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Zoology
    • Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences
      Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Applied Physics
  4. darás na hOllscoile retains the power of withholding, or of awarding only a portion of, the Exhibition.
  5. In the event of two or more students in either or both categories achieving the same highest mark an Exhibition will be awarded to each student with the value of the award being divided between the awardees.
  6. The Blayney Exhibition may be held along with any other Grant or Scholarship.

Book Prize in Chemistry

The value of the Prize, originally the interest on €64, donated to Chemistry by Dr. Thomas Dillon, former Professor of Chemistry, is now €125. The interest will form a Book Prize to be awarded to the student who obtains the highest marks at the Second Year Science Examination in Chemistry.

The School Of Chemistry Medals

The School of Chemistry awards a medal to the student who demonstrates the overall best performance in each of the courses offered within the School of Years 2-4.

Eli Lilly Prize in Chemistry

The Prize, valued at €1000, will be awarded annually to the student who obtains the highest mark in Chemistry in the First Science Examination (including the First Science Examination for the denominated degree BSc in Biopharmaceutical Chemistry) and who subsequently registers for the Second Science Course in Chemistry in the University.

The Sir Joseph Larmor Prize

  1. The Prize was founded, under the Trusts of the Will of the late Sir Joseph Larmor, F.R.S., former Professor of Natural Philosophy at Queens College, Galway, in remembrance of his Professorship in that College.
  2. The value of the prize is now €300.
  3. The Prize will be awarded in National University of Ireland, Galway, each year on the results of the B.A. or B.Sc. (Honours) Examination in any ONE of the subjects:-
    Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or degree subjects in which Physics is a major component.
  4. The standard required shall be that of First Class Honours in the Degree in that subject.
  5. In case the Prize be not awarded in any year, Údarás na hOllscoile shall apply the money so accruing either by adding to the value of the Prize or to the giving of an additional Prize in the next or following years in the same subjects and under the same regulations.
  6. he successful candidate must take out a course leading to the M.A. or M.Sc. Degree in one of the subjects of the Degree Examination on the results of which he/she has been awarded the Prize. The course may be taken out either in National University of Ireland, Galway, or in a University approved by the Professor of the subject.
  7. One half of the Prize will be paid in October and one half in the following April, if the Professor under whom he/she has taken the course is satisfied with the successful candidate’s progress.

Hamilton Prizes (Royal Irish Academy)

The Royal Irish Academy/Acadamh Ríoga na hÉireann (Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences Committee) organises the annual Hamilton Day celebrations on 16 October every year to commemorate the anniversary of William Rowan Hamilton’s eureka moment when he scratched his formula for quaternion algebra onto Broome bridge in Cabra, Dublin.  The Academy is in a position, thanks to the sponsorship from Ibec, to fund the visit of an eminent mathematician from abroad to participate in the Hamilton Day celebrations. This person is generally a Fields Medallist or mathematician of similar stature.

The Hamilton Prize for students of Mathematics is part of the Academy’s Hamilton Day celebrations which are sponsored by Ibec.  Each year Universities from across the island of Ireland are invited to nominate their “best” student in their penultimate year of undergraduate mathematical studies. The selection of the best student will normally be based either on the results of the annual assessment of the year’s performance or on the best performance in the ordinary university examinations in Mathematics at the end of the penultimate year. However, it is left to the discretion of School of Mathematics in each of the Universities to decide on the most appropriate method of selecting which student should be awarded the prize in each case.

The Hamilton prize winners are invited to the Royal Irish Academy on or near 16 October to attend a masterclass with a distinguished mathematician who has been invited to the Academy. This gives students the opportunity to hear more about the mathematician’s career path and field of expertise and affords them the opportunity to ask questions in an informal setting.

The masterclass is followed by a prize giving ceremony in Academy House for the students, university representatives, family and friends. At the ceremony the nine prize winners are awarded an official certificate acknowledging their Hamilton Prize achievement and the sum of €250. Prizes are presented to the students by the distinguished guest mathematician.

In the evening, the annual Hamilton public lecture is given by the invited distinguished mathematician in a city centre location. It is expected that the prize winners will attend the masterclass, ceremony and lecture.

Ivan Heffernan Memorial Medal in Marine Science

The medal is awarded annually on the results of the Honours Denominated B.Sc. Degree Examination in Marine Science. It is funded jointly by the Marine Programs Section, The University of Georgia (USA) and The Martin Ryan Marine Science Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway.

The William King Medal

This medal is named after Professor William King, the first Professor of Geology at NUI Galway. He was one of the founders of modern paleontology. The medal may be awarded to a student(s) who demonstrate outstanding performances in their final year B.Sc. (Hons.) in Earth & Ocean Sciences. Such performances will include first class standard on written and practical exams, first class standard in field project work and largely first class in semester projects

Merit Medical Prize

In accordance with a recommendation from Dr. E. Fallon, the College of Science approved the introduction of a Merit Medical Prize for the best final year project in the B.Sc. in Health & Safety Systems. This annual prize (subject to review at the end of five years) will be to the value of €500.

Ó Carra Medal

The discipline of Biochemistry awards the ó Carra Medal annually to the student who demonstrates overall best performance in the second year Biochemistry course. The Medal is in memory of the late Pádraig ó Carra , Associate Professor of Biochemistry at NUI Galway from 1978 to 1999.

Brennan and Company Awards

Brennan and Company Awards (Medals and Monetary Awards) for the best overall degree result in each of:

  • Science (Biochemistry major)
  • Biotechnology
  • Biomedical Science (Biochemistry major)

The Peel Prizes

Two Prizes (originally founded by Sir Robert Peel) value €1,000 each, are offered each year for competition among candidates who are Matriculated students of the National University of Ireland, and who have not obtained in any preceding year credit for a course or a part of a course leading to an Examination in the National University or in any other University. One Prize is offered in English Composition and the other in Geometry.

The course for the Examination in Geometry is the Honours Course for the Leaving Certificate Examination.

The Examinations will be held in the Michaelmas term. Due notice of the arrangements for these Examinations will be posted on one of the University notice boards.

A Peel Prize will not be awarded unless some candidate reaches the standard fixed by the Examiner.

A Peel Prize will not be paid unless the successful candidate thereof is a student of the University. A Peel Prize in Geometry will not be paid unless the successful candidate thereof has taken out a Course in Mathematics.

Synergy Health Prize In Physics

The Prize donated by Synergy Health Westport Ltd. will be awarded to the student who obtains the best overall mark in the B.Sc. Honours Physics Degree Programmes. The Prize is valued at €250.

The School of Physics Second Year Laboratory Gold Medal

This medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest mark in the second year physics laboratory, provided that a high overall mark is obtained in the subject.

The School of Physics Third Year Laboratory Gold Medal

This medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest mark in the third year physics laboratory, provided that a high overall mark is obtained in the subject.

Charles River Laboratories & Mason Technologies Prizes

Charles River Prizes valued in total at €500, will be awarded annually to the top three students in the 2ndYear and also in the 3rd Year of the undergraduate Pharmacology programme. In addition, prizes will be awarded for best final year laboratory project in the Undenominated Science and also in the Biomedical Science cohorts. Mason Technology has put up a prize of €250.

Medtronic Ave Award

The award is sponsored by Medtronic (Galway) and it recognises the achievement of a second-year student who attains the highest class mark in Microbiology. The award is for €100 which will be presented to the student at the Lá na nGradam ceremony.

Duais Christofides

Bronnfar suas le ceithre cinn de dhuaiseanna/dámhachtainí ar mhic léinn sa chéad bhliain a roghnóidh an Mhatamaitic trí Ghaeilge, mar seo a leanas:

  1. Bonn Christofides + Sparánacht €600 don mhac léinn a ghnóthóidh an chéad áit in MA102/MA134 (ach íosmharc 70% a bheith bainte amach).
    Tabhair faoi deara: Tá an duais seo ainmnithe i gcuimhne ar Tony Christofides a d’oibrigh go dian ar mhaithe leis an Matamaitic a chur ar fáil trí Ghaeilge sa Scoil agus a bhásaigh go gairid i ndiaidh dó dul ar scor ó OÉ Gaillimh. Díol suntais a bhí ina chuid dúthrachta agus a phaiteantacht sa Ghaeilge toisc gur Ghréagach ó dhúchas é.
  2. Duais (sparánacht = €400) don chéad triúr mic léinn eile in MA102/MA134 (ach íosmharc 60% a bheith bainte amach).
  3. Bronntar na duaiseanna ar Lá na nGradam de réir a stádas.

There will be up to four prizes/awards for students of Mathematics through Irish in first year, as follows:

  1. The Christofides Medal + Bursary of €600 for first student overall in MA102/MA134 (subject to minimum mark of 70%).
    Note: This prize is named after Tony Christofides who was a key contributor to the School’s provision of Mata trí Ghaeilge and who died shortly after retirement from NUI Galway. His enthusiasm for and fluency in the Irish language was especially notable given his Greek nationality.
  2. Prize (bursary = €400) for the next 3 students in MA102/MA134 (subject to minimum mark of 60%).
  3. The prizes are awarded on Lá na nGradam in accordance with their prestige.

The Michael A. Hayes Prize in Continuum Mechanics

The Michael A. Hayes Prize is awarded in memory of Professor Michael A. Hayes MRIA, who was a graduate of University College Galway (now NUI Galway).  In 1953 he recieved an Open State Scholarship to study Mathematical Science in Galway through Irish, gaining his BSc in 1956, followed by an MSc.  He was awarded the Sir Joseph Larmor Prize and then an NUI Travelling Studentship, and was an Assistant Lecturer in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics.  He left Galway to pursue a PhD in Applied Mathematics at Brown University and went on to become an outstanding applied mathematician, with special interests in the field of elastic wave propagation and the use of ellipses in mechanics.  Throughout a long and distinguished career abroad and in UCD, where he was Head of the Mathematical Physics Department for many years, Professor Hayes always kept a special memory of his time in Galway.

This yearly prize, valued at €100, is awarded to the third-year student with overall best performance in the Continuum Mechanics course offered by the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics.  It will be presented to the student at the Lá na nGradam ceremony.


Mairin De Valera Prize in Botany

The Máirín de ValéraPrize is awarded in memory of Professor Máirín de Valéra, who held the first Chair of Botany in UCG (now NUI Galway) from 1961–1977. Professor de Valéra was a botanist who specialised in the study of marine algae (phycology). In an academic career that spanned more than four decades, she carried out extensive field work along the western Irish seaboard.

This prize, valued at €100, is awarded to the student with overall best performance in the second-year Botany and Plant Science course.

Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland Prize in Botany

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland is the most prestigious society in these islands for plant taxonomy and recording. The Society AGM is held mostly in Britain, though the second-ever in Ireland was held in NUI Galway in 2011. The Committee for Ireland oversees records, excursions and training in Ireland. The Prize, valued at €100, is awarded by the BSBI to the student with overall best performance in the third-year Botany and Plant Science course.