Prof. Leen’s main interest is in the development of computational solid mechanics solutions related to the ‘Materials for Energy’ theme. Examples are the: (i) development and analysis of novel floating concepts for offshore wind energy and (ii) development of structural integrity methods for use of composite materials in seawater environments.

Mr. Richard Barrett



  • Multi-scale thermo-mechanical characterisation of advanced materials for power generation (SFI- funded METCAM project).
  • Multi-Scale, through-process characterisation for innovative manufacture of next generation welded connection (SFI-funded METCAM project).
  • Fatigue and fretting of pressure armour materials in flexible marine risers (IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme with Wood Group Kenny).
  • High temperature corrossion of materials for biomass combustion (IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme with ESB and Bord na Mona).
  • Damage and permeability in linerless composite cryogenic tanks (IRC, NPI with ESA and ICOMP).
  • Development of a low permeability polymer liner for LH2 storage in composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs) for future space launchers(IRC, NPI, ESA, ITI and ICOMP).
  • Multi-scale modelling of thermos-mechanical fatigue(SFI PI Award (METCAM project)