Medical Devices

Prof Sean LeenDr Nathan QuinlanDr Padraig Molloy


  • Measurement of mechanical heart valve hinge flow fields at microscale resolution (funded by Science Foundation Ireland)
  • Analysis of Shear-Induced Platelet Aggregation and Breakup (funded by HEA PRTLI5) 
  • Micromechanics of fatigue with application to cardiovascular stents
  • Multi-scale fatigue crack nucleation for cardiovascular stents (IRC funded )
  • Fretting fatigue and wear of biomedical materials, with application to modular hip implants (University Scholarship)
  • Experimental and computational investigation of mitral valve dynamics
  • Development of a physiological tester for cardiovascular devices
  • Design of a thromboembolic filter
  • Air and particle flow in lung airway bifurcations.