Stokes Modelling Workshop

Stokes Modelling Workshop

Sixth Annual Stokes Modelling Workshop for Undergraduates

The School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway is hosting an online four-day undergraduate Modelling Workshop, June 2nd - 5th. Registration is free.


Groups in Galway 2018

The 42nd meeting of Groups in Galway will take place on  the 18th and 19th May 2018.  Details.


Topics in Funcional Analysis 2018

 A functional analysis meeting, marking the contribution of Ray Ryan to mathematics and NUI Galway on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Details


National Student Chapter Conference

6th National Student Chapter Conference of the UKIE Section of SIAM, Friday 26 May 2017. Details


Groups in Galway 2017

Groups in Galway 2017 will take place from 18th-20th May 2017. Details


Groups in Galway 2016

Groups in Galway 2016 will take place on May 20th and 21st.  Details


The 10th Annual IMLSN Workshop


The 10th Annual IMLSN Workshop will take place at NUI Galway on Friday May 27th 2016.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Conference Date: December 3rd 2015 Information Technology Building, NUI Galway Contact: This second annual conference is being organised by the NUI Galway Student Chapter of SIAM, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, currently the only chapter in the Republic of Ireland. The aim of the conference is to bring together research students from different universities, giving them the chance to broaden their horizons and see what other students in their research area are working on. The event is generously supported by SIAM(Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), MACSI(Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry) at the University of Limerick, the Stokes Cluster of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway, theComplex Systems Research Centre, and the NUI Galway Mathematics Society. The webpage for last year's conference can be viewed here. We are pleased to confirm that Dr Dana Mackey (Dublin Institute of Technology) and Prof. James Gleeson (MACSI, University of Limerick)will be this year's plenary speakers. Registration for attendance and poster presentations is still open - those intending to register should complete the form at this location


Conferences (co-)organised by the School


Dec 3

NUI Galway SIAM Student Chapter Annual Conference 2015


June 23-26

30th Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications


May 22-23

Groups in Galway 2015


May 22-23

VOAs+MMFs (Vertex operator algebras and mock modular forms with applications to theoretical physics and combinatorics.


11 Dec

Irish Applied Mathematics Research Students' Meeting


1 - 5 Dec

Seventh de Brún Workshop on Homological Perturbation Theory


23 - 24 May

Groups in Galway 2014


9 - 10 May

The 12th annual Irish Geometry Conference


15 Nov

VIBE 2013: Bioinformatics and Evolution Meeting


8 - 10 Jul

The 16th Galway Topology Colloquium


10 - 11 May

Groups in Galway 2013


3 - 7 Dec

6th de Brún Workshop: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory: connections, applications and computations.


11 - 13 July

COST Action MP0801: Physics of Competition and Conflict Annual Meeting 2012


11 - 12 May

Groups in Galway 2012


21 - 23 Oct

Self-Organization, Emergence and Nonlinearity in Physical, Natural and Social Systems


8 - 10 Oct

Ninth Annual RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Comparative Genomics


10 Jun

International Biometric Society Summer Meeting


18 - 20 May

31st Conference of Applied Statistics in Ireland


13 - 14 May

Irish Geometry Conference 2011


6 - 7 May

Groups in Galway 2011


11 - 16 Apr

5th De Brún Workshop: Groups, Combinatorics and Computing


4 Feb

Irish Mathematics Support Network Workshop


6 - 12 Dec

4th De Brún Workshop: Group Actions


13 Nov

Irish Applied Mathematics Teachers' Association Conference and AGM


28 - 29 May

Groups in Galway 2010


30 Nov - 10 Dec

3rd de Brún Workshop: Algebra, Algorithms and Applications


1-3 July

International Conference on Design Theory and Applications


29 June -10 July

Second de Brún Workshop on Computational Algebra


7-9 May

Groups in Galway 2009


6-9 April

BMC/IMS 2009


21 July - 1 August

First de Brún Workshop on Computational Algebra


5-6 June

XII Galway Topology Colloquium


16-17 May

Groups in Galway 2008


24-25 May

Irish Geometry Conference 2007


18-19 May

Groups in Galway 2007


15-16 Dec

ISUME3: The 3rd Irish Symposium for Undergraduate Mathematics
Education, 15-16 December, 2006, NUI Galway


15-16 Sep

Galway Topology Colloquium


  3-7 Jul

International Workshop on Statistical Modelling


19-20 May

Groups in Galway 2006


12-14 May

Groups in Galway 2005


21-22 June

Galway Topology Colloquium


14-15 May

Groups in Galway 2004


12-14 May

24th Conference on Applied Statistics in Ireland


4-5 Sep

Irish Maths Society September Metting, 2003


30-31 May

Geometry Day 2003


16-17 May

Groups in Galway 2003

For regular activities, see School seminars.