Fourth Year Biochemistry 

Academic year 2021/22: The Biochemistry staff are planning the delivery of lectures and practicals based on current advice from the Department of Further and Higher Education, Innovation and Science. Lecture halls with greater than 100 capacity will be working at a reduced capacity of 80%. Practical labs will be working on a capacity of 50%. Students will be allocated to lectures and practicals by module coordinators. The allocations will be announced through Blackboard.

The introduction lecture for fourth year will be held in person on campus, 11am Monday 6th of September 2021 in the McMunn. Please check Blackboard module BI401 for details. The fourth year Biochemistry course is made up of several modules, which together add up to a total of 60 ECTS, and which are examined either by continuous assessment (CA) or by formal exams in Semester 1 or 2. The learning is done through a variety of formats through the four different types of components listed below. During the course we will also have occasional lectures on various topics in a professional skills programme. This will not be examined, but will include skills that will be valuable for completion of some of your modules and for your future professional career.

• Lecture modules (BI429, BI445, BI448, BI449)
• General knowledge and skills (BI446, BI451, BI452)
• Literature review and presentation (BI447)
• Research project (BI453)

Fourth year Academic Director
Prof Uri Frank
Email: uri.frank@nuigalway.ie
 Telephone: 091 492334

Biochemsitry Fourth year modules





Semester I

BI445 Biomolecules

Protein structure & function
Post-translational modification of proteins
Protein folding and assembly
Cell signalling

Mon 9-10 & 11-12 (McMunn)
Tues 9-10 (Tyndall)
Wed 10-11 (McMunn)
Thurs 10-11 (McMunn)
Fri 9-10 (AC201)
30 lectures.

Exam paper (100%)

BI448 Modern Biotechnologies

Recombinant protein expression systems
Modulation of protein expression using siRNA
Bioinformatics in Bioscience research
DNA sequencing technologies
Mammalian cell culture systems
Fluorescence microscopy
Mass Spectrometry

Venue McMunn
Mon 10-11
Tues 11-12noon
Wed 9-10
Thurs 9-10
30 lectures

Exam paper (100%)

BI452 Biochemistry Principles & Experimental design

Experimental design
Data visualisation
Knowledge of biochemistry (self-study)

10 lectures and 1 tutorial

Assignments (20%)
Internal exam (30%, October)
Final exam (50%, Christmas)

Semester II

BI429 Advanced Chromosome Biology

Inherited patterns of gene expression.
Cell cycle control & cancer biology
Topics in cellular dynamics

Venue McMunn
Mon 9-10 & 11-12
Tues 9-10
Wed 10-11
Fri 10-11
15 lectures

Exam paper (100%)

BI449 Molecular & Cell biology

Chromosome structure & function
Molecular cytology
Genome stability
Mutagenesis in nature and in research
Cell death

Introduction recording will be available on BB.

Venue McMunn
Mon 9-10 & 11-12
Tues 9-10
Wed 10-11
Fri 10-11
30 Lectures

Continuous Assessment (25%)
Exam paper (75%)

Both Semester I & II


BI446 Current Topics in Bioscience

Knowledge of recent advances in Bioscience

Tues 1-2pm
ILAS lecture hall or other as advised

30% Written abstracts of the seminars attended
70% Written exam

BI447 Literature review and presentation

Research a particular current topic

Meetings with academic supervisor.

70% Written review.

30% Poster Presentation

BI451 Research paper analysis

Critical analysis of published literature

Mon 9-10 & 11-12 (McMunn)
Tues 9-10 (Tyndall Semester I, McMunn Semester 2)
Wed 10-11 (McMunn)
Thurs10-11 (McMunn)
Fri 9-10 (AC201 Semester I)
Fri 10-11 (McMunn, Semester II)
13 lectures

Exam paper (100%)

BI453 Biochemistry research project

Personal scientific research

Meetings with supervisor and 8 weeks research project.

Project work (40%)
Seminar Presentation (20%)
Written report (40%)

Professional Skills Programme

Various one-off sessions on:
Research project introduction
Lab safety course
Library training,
Careers in Biochemistry
Presentation skills
Writing skills

Wed 11-12 Darcy Thompson (Sem I);
Wed 11-12 Tyndall (Sem II)

Time and venue may vary occasionally

Not formally examined

Several of these sessions are compulsory and are helpful to succeed in other modules


 Fourth year Module co-ordinators 

Academic appointments are available by prior arrangement. Please email the academic concerned to organise a convenient time for you both.
Biomolecules (BI445)
Prof Adrienne Gorman:
Email adrienne.gorman@nuigalway.ie

Modern Biotechnologies (BI448)
Prof Kevin Sullivan:
Email kevin.sullivan@nuigalway.ie

Biochemistry Principles & Experimental Design (BI452)
Dr Elaine Lahue.
Email elaine.lahue@nuigalway.ie

Current Topics in Bioscience (BI446
Prof Kevin Sullivan & Prof Heinz Peter Nasheuer.
Email kevin.sullivan@nuigalway.ie & heinz.nasheuer@nuigalway.ie

Literature Review & Presentation (BI447)
Prof Brian McStay
Email: brian.mcstay@nuigalway.ie

Molecular and Cellular Biology (BI449)
Prof Bob Lahue
Email: bob.lahue@nuigalway.ie

Advanced Chromosome Biology (BI429)
Prof Noel Lowndes.
Email noel.lowndes@nuigalway.ie 

Research Paper Analysis (BI451)
Dr Stephen Rea
Email stephen.rea@nuigalway.ie

Biochemistry Research Project (BI453)
Prof Heinz Peter Nasheuer & Prof Bob Lahue
Email: Heinz.nasheuer@nuigalway.ie & bob.lahue@nuigalway.ie