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Why study Biochemistry?

Opening doors to an exciting career

This is an exciting time in the world of biochemistry. Especially so in Ireland, where many of the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies now have a significant presence. Many of these are investing heavily in research and development, boding well for future generations of Irish biochemists.

Would you like to launch your career in the biomedical or healthcare industry or work in the environmental sector as a toxicologist? How about studying the biochemistry of marine species? Does the idea of forensic science appeal to you? Then studying biochemistry is the way to go for you. 
Biochemistry-related jobs are all around us: Biochemistry graduates can continue on to advanced research and a career path in academic research or in biotechnology R&D laboratories. Topics can range from fundamental science right through to drug development, quality assurance and regulatory processes, at for example,  Abbott,  MSD,  Allergan,  Pfizer,  Randox,  PPL, Regeneron and ICON.

Biochemistry graduates also go into areas of applied biochemistry such as forensic science, dietetics, nutrition and medical diagnostics. Understanding biochemistry provides many opportunities for complementary careers, in a diverse range of jobs from sales and marketing to science journalism, and from teaching to patent law.

Biochemistry graduates can also apply for graduate entry degrees in, for example, medicine or pharmacy.

NUIG Biochemistry graduates acquire a wide range of skills to ensure that they will meet the demands of professional roles in industry and the public sector. Besides gaining a fundamental understanding of concepts in biochemistry , you will gain hands-on experience in a wide range of practical and analytical methods typically used in a modern biochemical laboratory. The skills you lean in the Discipline of Biochemistry in NUI Galway are not solely subject-related, but include professional transferable skills, such as technical writing skills, verbal communication and presentations skills to help you develop to become a rounded, well-prepared and balanced professional.


Rachael Cleary |   Quality Technician, CLS

Not knowing which discipline of Science I wanted to pursue, I chose the Bachelor of Science Degree at NUIG, which offers a basis for fundamental science and a broad foundation for which to specialise upon. I found my feet within the biochemistry department, where lectures and practicals were in-depth, informative and gave me the experience and analytical skills required for my job today. In my Final year project I spent half the year immersed in Laboratory life, where I gained skills in analytical techniques, time management and teamwork, which I felt prepared me for industry. I started working for a laboratory solutions company soon after my degree, and they placed me on contract within a global pharmaceutical company. Here I work within the quality laboratory, using techniques such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography which I first learned at NUIG

Stephen Murphy |   PhD student

I chose Biochemistry because biology and chemistry were my favourite subjects in school. I really enjoyed the course because of the broad range of topics covered, from basic biochemistry where you learn about the structure of proteins, to molecular genetics where you find out how genetic mutations can result in diseases like cancer. Lab practicals throughout the course show you what it is like to work in a laboratory setting and a final year project allows you to be involved in cutting edge research in NUIG's modern research facilities. My time here gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a PhD in biochemistry as well as make lots of friends along the way.

Lauren Murray |   Studying a Masters in Education

Having science as my undergraduate degree and choosing to complete my final year research project with the Cell Explorers, designing a session for secondary school students, afforded me an insight into what has now become my chosen career path. Currently I am completing the Professional Master of Education in NUIG and by choosing science as my undergraduate degree, it has enabled me to teach the subjects Science, Biology and Maths which are in high demand in secondary schools throughout the country. Not only does this give me future employment potential, it also gives me a high level of work satisfaction in my chosen career.

Aaron Talty |   Employment based PhD

I really enjoyed my undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at NUI Galway. I was made aware of the options available to a student of Biochemistry once they have finished at University at a very early stage during my degree. This included careers in the biopharmaceutical and biomedical devices industries, academia, teaching and a wide variety of other areas. I wanted to pursue a career in biochemistry and I am currently undertaking an employment-based PhD, funded by the Irish Research Council. The aim of this scheme is to help bridge the gap between industry and research and accommodate easy interaction between the two. This involves the collaboration of an industrial partner and a research laboratory. It allows me to gain valuable industrial experience whilst also carrying out research towards a PhD.