Who do you speak to regarding equality, diversity and inclusion issues in the School of Natural Sciences?

If you have experienced an issue regarding equality, diversity, or inclusion (EDI) in some aspect of your life within the School of Natural Sciences (SNS) here at NUI Galway we encourage you to avail of the following options for bringing this to the College's attention.

As a guide please see below a list of contacts for this purpose:

1.   Report any issues or concerns you have about EDI in SNS to your direct line manager. This may be, for example, your Supervisor, Head of Discipline, Head of School, College Dean, or Senior or Chief Technician, etc.

2.   If it is not possible to raise the concern with your direct line manager you may riase it with someone with higher seniority in the School.

3.   A member of the team in the Office of the Vice-President for Equality and Diversity here at NUI Galway.

4.   A member of the committee of the School of Natural Science Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee (details on our website) may be contacted if you are unsure about what channel to pursue your concern with.