SNS Equality & Diversity Committee - Terms of Reference

The NUI Galway School of Natural Sciences Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee shall consider all matters relating to equality and diversity and inclusion within the School. The committee shall report to and make recommendations to the School Executive and the Head of School as well as to the College of Science Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The committee will consist of representatives from the student body as well as academic, administrative, research and technical staff. Members of the committee once appointed will remain in place for a period of three years. The Chair is selected from within the committee and shall be a rotating position held for a minimum of 1 year. The committee shall meet monthly and minutes of all meetings shall be made available via the SNS intranet.

The committee shall;

  1. Champion, raise awareness and promote a culture of equality and diversity within the SNS and provide guidance to the Head of School and Executive where appropriate.
  2. Develop, or recommend the development of, proactive policies for consideration by the executive and Head of School to allow staff and students to raise equality, diversity and inclusion matters and to ensure transparency and fairness in all SNS practices.
  3. Monitor the fairness and robustness of school policies, processes and procedures for dealing with any alleged breaches of equality and diversity provision applying to any member of staff, student, or visitor to the SNS.
  4. Monitor SNS progress against College and University E&D targets and external bodies and make proposals/provide information as appropriate from School to University through the College.
  5. Identify concerns through staff and student surveys and through review of data supplied where appropriate by HR, College and SNS administration.
  6. Take a lead in organising the writing and submission of an SNS Athena Swann application.
  7. Celebrate our successes particularly for underrepresented groups.