Article by Dr Marie Coggins on managing PPE in the fight against COVID-19

Typical face mask and gloves
Apr 09 2020 Posted: 09:00 CDT

With the COVID-19 pandemic threatening workplace health and safety, Dr Marie Coggins, lecturer in exposure science at NUI Galway, writes about managing respirators and gloves in the fight against COVID-19. 

Dr Coggins writes that over the next few weeks or months many of us will for the first time start using personal protective equipment or PPE. Personal protective equipment includes everything from disposable gloves and masks to ear plugs and gas tight suits. In the workplace we normally refer to PPE as a ‘last resort’ which should only be worn in circumstances when all other controls are unsuitable! Workers typically don’t like wearing PPE, its uncomfortable especially when worn for long periods of time. However, if worn and used correctly PPE can be an effective way of protecting workers.

Further information about the article can be found at the following link: Health and Safety Review article by Dr. Marie Coggins.

Dr Marie Coggins article on managing PPE in the fight against COVID-19 

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