OPTI-SDS - Publication of EPA Research Project Report 332

EPA Project Research Report 332
Jul 31 2020 Posted: 12:00 CDT

Dr Mark Foley and Marta Fuente Lastra from the School of Physics along with colleagues from the School of Engineering have been working on the EPA research project, OPTI-SDS. The National Radon Control Strategy (NRCS) for Ireland has identified several knowledge gaps, including the optimum specifications for soil depressurisation (SD) systems (active and passive) that take account of Irish building practices. The “OPTI-SDS: an investigation of the OPTImum specification for Soil Depressurisation Systems (active and passive) that take account of Irish building practices” project examined the characterisation of the T1 Struc and T2 Perm specified granular fill materials for SD systems for buildings. If you would like to learn more about OPTI-SDS, please read our project report at:  EPA Research Report 332

School of Physics

School of Physics

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