Recent successful PhD viva candidates in the School of Physics (Valentina Giunta and Mohammed Alaswad)

Congratulations on your successful PhD Adventure!
Jun 08 2021 Posted: 15:00 CDT

Congratulations to Valentina Giunta and Mohammed Alaswad who successfully defended their PhD theses recently.

Valentina Giunta's PhD thesis was titled: Mixing and Mixed Layer Depths in the Ocean. 

Valentina Giunta PhD viva Pictured from the left (and top to bottom) are: Valentina Giunta (PhD candidate), Prof. Martin Leahy, NUI Galway (chairperson), Prof. Sebastian Swart, University of Gothenburg (external examiner), Dr Miriam Byrne, NUI Galway (internal examiner) and Dr Brian Ward, NUI Galway (supervisor).

Mohammed Alaswad's PhD thesis was titled: Radiobiological Modelling of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Tumour Control Probability Prospective.

Mohammed Alaswad PhD vivaPictured clockwise (from top left) are: Dr Christoph Kleefeld, NUI Galway (supervisor), Prof. Andrew Nisbet,  University College London (external examiner), Prof. Martin Leahy (chairperson), Dr Patricia Scully, NUI Galway (internal examiner) and Mohammed Alaswad (PhD candidate).

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