Successful PhD viva candidates in the School of Physics (Majed Alharbi and Cerine Lal))

Congratulations on your successful PhD Adventure!
Jan 17 2020 Posted: 09:00 CST

Congratulations to Majed Alharbi and Cerine Lal who successfully defended their PhD theses recently.

Majed Alharbi's PhD thesis was titled: Optical fibre dosimetry in external beam radiotherapy: Measurements and Monte Carlo simulation.

‌‌‌Majed Alharbi PhD‌Pictured from the left are: Dr Mark Foley, NUI Galway (supervisor), Majed Alharbi (PhD candidate), Dr Annika Lohstroh (external examiner),  Dr Christoph Kleefeld, NUI Galway (internal examiner).

Cerine Lal's PhD thesis was titled: Advancements in structural and functional imaging using Fourier domain OCT.

Cerine Lal PhD viva‌ Pictured from the left are: Dr Alexander Goncharov, NUI Galway (internal examiner), Prof. Adrian Podoleanu (University of Kent, Canterbury), Cerine Lal (PhD candidate), Prof. Walter Gear (chairperson) and Prof. Martin Leahy, NUI Galway (supervisor).

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