Physics Committee Structure




O'Connor, Gerard (Chair) 
Nolan, Rebecca (Minutes) 
Butler, Ray (Learning, Teaching & Assessment) 
Byrne, Miriam (Deputy Head & Juno) 
Fairfield, Jessamyn (Promotion)
Devaney, Nicolas (Research & Graduate Education)
Lang, Mark (Previous Head) 
Scully, Patricia (Research)
 (Post Grad Rep) 
Walsh, PJ (Technical, alternate - Nallen, James)

Learning, Teaching & Assessment

Redman, Matt (Chair & College of Science LTA Rep.) 
Nolan, Rebecca (Minutes) 
Berresheim, Harald 
Coggins, Marie 
Gillanders, Gary 
 (Post Grad Rep)
Ryan, Oliver 
Shearer, Andy 


Faitfield, Jessamyn (Chair) 
Hornibrook, Maire (Minutes) 
Cullagh, Bridget 
Foley, Mark
Goncharov, Alexander
 (Post Grad Rep)
McBrierty, Conor
O’Connor, Ger  


Scully, Patricia (Chair & College of Science Research Rep) 
O'Dowd, Colin 
Redman, Matt 
Shearer, Andy 
Walsh, PJ
Leahy, Martin

Equality and Diversity

Byrne, Miriam (Chair) 
Butler, Ray
Cooke, Aoife (Equality Officer) 
 (Post Grad Rep)  
Ovadnevaite, Jurgita (Post Doc Rep)
O'Connor, Ger
Walsh, PJ 

Graduate Education


Devaney, Nicolas (Chair & College of Science Rep.)
Gallagher, Susan (Minutes)
Colgan, Niall
Nallen, James
O'Connor, Ger
(PostDoc Rep)
(PostGrad Rep)

Seminar Group

Byrne, Miriam (Chair)  
Butler, Ray  
Leahy, Martin


O'Connor, Ger (Chair) 
Moran, Padraic (Safety Co-ordinator & Minutes)  
Berresheim, Harald (Chemical Safety) 
Coggins, Marie (Biological Safety)
Coburn, Derek (Mace Head)
Harries, Stuart (Gas Safety)  
Nallen, James (Radiological Protection Supervisor)  
O'Brien, Cormac (NCLA) 

CoS Internationalization Committee Rep.

Redman, Matt 

Disability Liaison Group Rep.

Devaney, Nicholas

Director of Examinations

Berresheim, Harald

Examination Security Committee

Ward, Brian

Examination Appeals Committee

O'Connor, Ger