2.0 Lecture Start Times

All lectures will commence on the hour (eg. 9am, 10am, 11am etc.) and finish at ten minutes to the hour (eg. 9.50am, 10.50am, 11.50am etc.).

Term begins on Monday 9th September 2019

2.1 Syllabus Files

Please click on the icon for your programme below to see the modules on offer to you in our interactive brochures.

‌*Please click on the brochure links in order to obtain further programme information.

2.2 Timetable

Please refer to the draft timetable below for information on lectures and practicals. Detailed timetables for each subject containing venue, etc., will also be available from disciplines in advance of the start of the 2020/21 academic year. Please click on the link for Schools and Research Units on the left-hand panel to go to the relevant pages.

2nd year Timetable (07.04.2020)

Pathways that can be taken together:‌

2nd Year Compatible Pathways

3rd Year Compatible Pathways (Updated 26.03.2019)

2.3 Advisory Session

(for 1st Year students entering 2nd Year in 2020/21).
Information on pathways/modules will be made available to students via Blackboard.

2.4 Autumn (2nd Sitting)

Repeat Students Examination results are to be released by the Examinations Office before the commencement of term in September.

2.5 Module Allocation System for Programmes with Subject Choices

(for 1st Year students entering 2nd Year in 2020/21)

As you were informed in the First Year Academic Booklet, a module allocation system will apply to the allocation of places in 2nd Year subjects. Therefore, students on programmes with pathway/elective choices will be required to submit a Module Selection Form. This form will be made available to you via Blackboard together with pathway information. Therefore, please ensure you log into Blackboard to complete this form and submit your choices. The deadline for submission of your Module Selection Form is Thursday, 28th May 2020. Places on 2nd Year programmes with choices will be allocated in late-July/early-August 2020. Students will be notified individually of their module and pathway allocations by email.

2.6 Registration

Please refer to the Registration Office website for up-to-date Registration information

2.7 Student Year Planner

Please refer to the Student Year Planner (Updated 25-07-2019) for information on term dates, study weeks, examination dates, etc.‌

2.8 Code of Practice for dealing with Plagiarism

Please refer to the following regarding the University's Code of Practice for dealing with Plagiarism
Code of Practice for Dealing with Plagiarism

2.9 Undergraduate Marks and Standards (updated June 2017)

Policies and Procedures 

2.10 Examination Deferral (Year 1 - 4)

Please refer to the following webpage: Deferral‌‌‌ 

2.11 Library and Volunteering Services

Please refer to the attached regarding library and volunteering services

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