The mission of the Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station is to monitor the long-term trends of atmospheric composition change, essential climate variables and air pollution and to facilitate key-process research into the evolution of atmospheric composition and to its impacts on climate change, concomitant with the promotion of knowledge transfer and the underpinning of policy development and education in the areas of atmospheric climate, and air pollution.

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StreamAir App 

StreamAIR is the C-CAPS real time Earth Observation (EO) Data and Forecasting System with integrates observation and modelling of atmospheric composition, air pollutants, essential climate variables and advanced meteorology.

StreamAIR-AQ is air quality/atmospheric composition forecasting and realtime data system designed to monitor, observe and forecast Air Pollution over Europe and is operated on a grid resolution of 25 km x 25 km with nesting capabilities down to 1 km x 1 km. The modelling component is based on WRF-CHEM.

The StreamAIR-AQ currently forecasts the main particulate and gaseous air pollutant (e.g. PM2.5, PM10, NO2, SO2 and O3. The next version will include speciation of PM by species and emissions sector.

We present the current European Air Quality Index and its five Index levels of Good, Fair, Moderate, Poor, and Very Poor (see table below for concentration levels associated with these indices).