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T: +353 91 493120
E: MIRIAM.ODUILL@nuigalway.ie


Since 2018      Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, NUI Galway
0609/2018      Visiting Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
2016 – 2017     Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Prof. Keary M. Engle, The Scripps Research Institute
2011 – 2015     D.Phil. in Organic Chemistry, Prof. Veronique Gouverneur, University of Oxford
– 2011     Master of Chemistry (M.Chem.), Merton College, University of Oxford 

Research Interests

Research in the O’Duill group will focus on the development of novel reagents and reactions for the selective construction and destruction of difficult C—X bonds. Initially, three areas of interest will be investigated:

Deuteration of bioactive molecules is a crucial tool for biomolecular analysis techniques (neutron diffraction, 2D NMR, hydrogen exchange mass spectroscopy) and the pharmaceutical industry (ADME studies, deuterated drugs). A diverse toolkit of synthetic methods is necessary to selectively install deuterium isotopes in the molecules and positions of interest.

Super-electrophilic alkylating reagents: The development of less hazardous, more reactive alternatives to complement and extend the reactivity of currently known alkylating agents—especially for application in medicinal chemistry—is an exciting challenge.

Recycling perfluorinated compounds: Due to the great strength of the C—F bond, certain perfluorinated compounds are highly stable environmental pollutants that have been shown to be toxic to humans and are now listed under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Chemicals.

Design and synthesis of polymeric drug delivery systems in collaboration with CURAM.

Our group’s goal is to address these challenges using catalytic methods. The interdisciplinary nature of our research projects would allow students to gain experience in synthetic organic, physical organic, organometallic, and fluorine chemistry, as well as related disciplines in and outside of chemistry.

Group website: https://oduillgroup.com/

Peer Reviewed Journals

  Year Publication
(2017) 'Tridentate Directing Groups Stabilize 6-Membered Palladacycles in Catalytic Alkene Hydrofunctionalization'
Miriam L. O’Duill, Rei Matsuura, Yanyan Wang, Joshua L. Turnbull, John A. Gurak Jr., De-Wei Gao, Gang Lu, Peng Liu, Keary M. Engle (2017) 'Tridentate Directing Groups Stabilize 6-Membered Palladacycles in Catalytic Alkene Hydrofunctionalization'. Journal Of The American Chemical Society, 139 (44):15576-15579 [DOI] [Details]
(2017) 'Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Directed anti-Hydrochlorination of Unactivated Alkynes with HCl'
Joseph Derosa, Annabelle L. Cantu, Mark N. Boulous, Miriam L. O’Duill, Joshua L. Turnbull, Zhen Liu, Daizy M. De La Torre, Keary M. Engle (2017) 'Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Directed anti-Hydrochlorination of Unactivated Alkynes with HCl'. Journal Of The American Chemical Society, 139 (14):5183-5193 [DOI] [Details]
(2015) 'Recruitment and Immobilization of a Fluorinated Biomarker Across an Interfacial Phospholipid Film using a Fluorocarbon Gas'
Yang, G;O'Duill, M;Gouverneur, V;Krafft, MP (2015) 'Recruitment and Immobilization of a Fluorinated Biomarker Across an Interfacial Phospholipid Film using a Fluorocarbon Gas'. Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), 54 :8402-8406 [DOI] [Details]
(2015) 'Cross-Coupling of [2-Aryl-1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl](trimethyl)silanes with Aryl Halides'
O'Duill, M;Dubost, E;Pfeifer, L;Gouverneur, V (2015) 'Cross-Coupling of [2-Aryl-1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl](trimethyl)silanes with Aryl Halides'. Organic Letters, 17 :3466-3469 [DOI] [Details]
(2013) 'Catalytic Hydrotrifluoromethylation of Unactivated Alkenes'
Mizuta, S;Verhoog, S;Engle, KM;Khotavivattana, T;O'Duill, M;Wheelhouse, K;Rassias, G;Medebielle, M;Gouverneur, V (2013) 'Catalytic Hydrotrifluoromethylation of Unactivated Alkenes'. Journal Of The American Chemical Society, 135 :2505-2508 [DOI] [Details]
(2013) 'Trifluoromethylation of Allylsilanes under Photoredox Catalysis'
Mizuta, S;Engle, KM;Verhoog, S;Galicia-Lopez, O;O'Duill, M;Medebielle, M;Wheelhouse, K;Rassias, G;Thompson, AL;Gouverneur, V (2013) 'Trifluoromethylation of Allylsilanes under Photoredox Catalysis'. Organic Letters, 15 :1250-1253 [DOI] [Details]
(2013) 'Catalytic Decarboxylative Fluorination for the Synthesis of Tri- and Difluoromethyl Arenes'
Mizuta, S;Stenhagen, ISR;O'Duill, M;Wolstenhulme, J;Kirjavainen, AK;Forsback, SJ;Tredwell, M;Sandford, G;Moore, PR;Huiban, M;Luthra, SK;Passchier, J;Solin, O;Gouverneur, V (2013) 'Catalytic Decarboxylative Fluorination for the Synthesis of Tri- and Difluoromethyl Arenes'. Organic Letters, 15 :2648-2651 [DOI] [Details]

Honours and Awards

  Year Title Awarding Body
2018 RSC Researcher Mobility Grant Royal Society of Chemistry
2017 SoF Travel Award The Scripps Research Institute
2016 3rd Prize SoF Lightning Talk Competition The Scripps Research Institute
2015 Postdoctoral Fellowship DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
2013 Eli Lilly Prize for Excellence in Organic Chemistry Eli Lilly
2013 Poster Prize Syngenta
2011 BBSRC DTC Scholarship in Molecular Biochemistry and Chemical Biology BBSRC
2010 Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences Industrial Doctorate Scholarship (declined) University of Oxford
2010 Exhibitioner Scholarship Merton College, Oxford
2010 Postmaster Scholarship Merton College, Oxford
2007 BCCG Foundation Award British Chamber of Commerce in Germany
2007 Undergraduate Scholarship Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

Professional Associations

  Association Function From / To
Royal Society of Chemistry Associate Member /


  Employer Position From / To
The Scripps Research Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow 25-JAN-16 / 15-DEC-17


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
2011 University of Oxford Master of Chemistry (M.Chem.) Chemistry
2015 University of Oxford PhD Chemistry

Modules Taught

  Term/Year Module Title Module Code Subject / Desc
2018/19 Organic Chemistry CH202
2018/19 Organic & Bioorganic Chemistry - Radicals, Polymers and Supramolecular Chemistry CH4104
2018/19 Organic Chemistry - Heterocyclic Chemistry CH311
2018/19 Analytical & Biophysical Chemistry - Introduction to Medical Imaging CH4107
2018/19 Synthesis, Organometallic & Analytical Chemistry - Introduction to Medical Imaging CH4102