The Research Seminars are held at 1pm on Tuesdays in the lecture theatre in the Institute of Lifecourse and Society (ILAS), Dangan (unless otherwise indicated).
A range of national and international speakers have been invited and will present talks on a wide range of topics as outlined in the schedule below. Precise details will be publicised closer to the scheduled dates.  Previous Seminar Speakers are found here.

Seminar Dates






18 Sept 2018
Host SL
1pm ILAS

Stefan Marciniak
Cambridge University

 The role of endoplasmic reticulum microviscosity in alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency

25 Sept 2018
Host BM
1pm ILAS

Pavel Baranov

Genetic decoding diversity: from single genes to the entire genetic codes

1 Oct 2018
Host NL/ TR
4pm ILAS (NB: time/day)

Hans-Dieter Volk
Charité/ Berlin Centre for Regenerative Therapies

 Impact of immunoaging on regenerative processes

23 Oct 2018
Host BM
1pm ILAS

Gernot Längst
University of Regensburg

Targeting non-coding RNA to chromatin by triple helix formation

30 Oct 2018
Host AS
1pm ILAS

Jean-Ehrland Ricci
University of Nice

Deciphering the link between metabolism and anti-cancer immunosurveillance

1 Nov 2018
Host AF
1pm BMS seminar room

Pascale Quignon
University of Rennes

Like master like dog: The dog as a spontaneous genetic model

 6 Nov 2018
Host SL
1pm ILAS

 Leonie Young

 Epigenetic and transcriptomic aberrations in advanced breast cancer

13 Nov 2018
Host NL
1pm ILAS

Patrick Harrison

Towards therapeutic gene editing for cystic fibrosis

26 Nov 2018
Host AS
3pm BMS Seminar room

Lynne-Marie Postovit
Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta

Cellular plasticity in cancer: mechanisms of adaptation

27 Nov 2018
Host DM
1pm ILAS

Mani Ramaswami

Mechanisms of perpetual silencing: connecting molecules and modules to cognition.

30 Nov 2018
Host CS
1pm BMS Seminar room

Anja Göder
University Medical Center Mainz

 Class I HDACs and phosphatase PP2A influence cell fate decisions upon replication stress

5 Dec 2018
Host NL
1pm BMS Seminar room

Martin Lavin
University of  Queensland

ATM, role in repair of physiologically-induced DNA DSB and in protecting against lung disease

11 Dec 2018
Host DM
1pm BMS Seminar room

Jessica Mar
University of Queensland

One of these cells is not like the other – how variability of gene expression highlights regulatory control

 22 Jan 2019
Host NL
1pm ILAS

Andrea Brand
Gurdon Inst./ University of Cambridge

Time to wake up: regulation of neural stem cell quiescence and reactivation

 12 Feb 2019
Host ED
1pm ILAS

Geert Kops
Hubrecht Institute/ UMC Utrecht

 Expanding views of kinetochores and chromosome segregation

26 Feb 2019
Host SR
1pm ILAS

Mikko Taipale
University of Toronto

Systematic phenotyping of pathogenic disease variants




12 Mar 2019
Host NL
1pm ILAS

Tomás Ryan

 Information storage in memory engrams

19 Mar 2019
Host CS
1pm ILAS

David Shore
University of Geneva

 Replication fork barrier tolerance mechanisms in budding yeast

26 Mar 2019
Host CS
1pm ILAS

 Vincenzo Costanzo

 Understanding the role of essential DNA repair proteins in vertebrates