Undergraduate BSc Degree in Zoology

Entry to undergraduate courses in Zoology by Irish students is through the CAO route into general Science (GY301).   Specialist modules in Zoology are also available to students in years 2 to 4 of undergraduate degrees in Environmental Science (GY308), Marine Science (GY310), and Earth and Ocean Sciences (GY314).

Students pursing a degree in Zoology through Science (GY301), take the following specialist zoology modules.  Full details of options availabe through Science (GY301) can be found in the Bachelor of Science handbook.

1st Year

Zoology makes up one quarter of the first year Biology module (BO101) giving all students a taster of what they can expect from Zoology in later years.

2nd Year

Core modules:

Students can progress to 3rd year Zoology if they take these 4 modules.

3rd Year

Core modules
Elective module

4th Year

The fourth year course includes an greater mixture of facilitated and independent learning.  For example students carry out a research project (15 ECTS) and a literature review (10ECTS). There are two core lecture only modules (each 5ECTS); Marine and Coastal Ecology, and Phylogenetics and Conservation. In addition students complete Advanced Zoology topics during which students have to read a list of books suggested by staff, followed by sitting an open book exam. Integrative Zoology is another module where current topics are discussed by staff and students and students must complete a report based on these discussions. 

Fourth year is therefore a very dynamic year for students providing them with a set of advanced skills and involving them deeply in departmental life. 

Core modules

+ 10 ECTS from other modules/disciplines, see the Bachelor of Science Degree handbook for further information.

Information for prospective students

Overview, Entry Requirements, Course outlines etc...

Science GY301

Environmental Science GY308

Marine Science GY310

Earth and Ocean Sciences GY314

Information for current students

First year

Second year 

Third year

Fourth year