Professor Colin O'Dowd
May 03 2016 Posted: 08:00 IST

The Royal Meteorological Society has announced that Professor Colin O’Dowd has been awarded the Mason Gold Medal 2015.

Throughout Professor O'Dowd's career, he has provided international leadership in the field of atmospheric aerosol particles.  His work has focussed on making detailed and careful observations of particles, particularly in the marine atmosphere, and providing novel insight into the advancement of our knowledge of many key processes.

The Mason Gold Medal is awarded to a Fellow of the Society for outstanding contributions to the understanding of the fundamental processes that determine the variability and predictability of weather and climate. The Medal is awarded biennially and will be presented at the High Impact Weather and Climate Conference at the University of Manchester on 6th – 8th July 2016, followed by a one-hour lecture on the 7th July by Professor Colin O’Dowd.

Further information highlighting this notable achievement is available here

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