About the OPTI-SDS project

The National Radon Control Strategy (NRCS) for Ireland has identified several knowledge gaps, including the optimum specifications for passive soil depressurisation (PSD) systems that take account of Irish building practices. Few publications exist on this issue in the Irish context and this limits policy development and implementation, as well as hindering the use of novel technologies which could be used in “radon-safe” new buildings. There have been some studies in other countries, such as Finland (Arvela, 2011 & 2001), which indicated that the effectiveness of passive sumps is enhanced by appropriate sealing across the base of the building (PSD systems). Therefore, research is required in this field to take account of Irish building practices.

OPTI-SDS project is funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) and carried out at the School of Physics and the Department of Civil Engineering, National University of Ireland Galway. There is also a collaboration with the University of Cantabria.

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