4.0 Lecture start times

Lectures commence on the hour (eg. 9am, 10am, 11am etc) and finish at ten minutes to the hour (eg. 9.50am, 10.50am, 11.50am etc.)

Term begins: Term begins on 9th September 2019.

4.1 Syllabus Files

Please click on the icon for your programme below to see the modules on offer to you in our interactive brochures.

 *Please click on the brochure links in order to obtain further programme information.

4.2 Timetable

Timetables for 4th Year programmes are available directly from disciplines or programme directors. Please click on the link for Schools and Research Units on the left-hand navigation menu to go to the relevant pages.

4.3 Advisory Session

Advice on 4th Year Programmes is normally provided by the relevant disciplines or programme directors.

4.5 Registration

Please refer to the Registration website for up-to-date Registration information

4.6 Student Year Planner

Please refer to the Student Year Planner (Updated 25-07-2019) for information on term dates, study weeks, examination dates, etc.

4.7 Code of Practice for dealing with Plagiarism

Please refer to the following regarding the University's Code of Practice for dealing with Plagiarism
Code of Practice for Dealing with Plagiarism

4.8 Undergraduate Marks and Standards  (Updated June 2017)

Policies and Procedures 

4.9 Examination Deferral (Year 1 - 4)

Please refer to the following webpage: Deferral‌‌‌ 

4.10 Library and Volunteering Service

Please refer to the following regarding library and volunteering services: Library and Volunteering Services