SEGH 2010 International Conference and Workshops

Environmental Quality and Human Health

Galway, Ireland, June 27- July 2, 2010



Conference Themes

Main Conference Theme:

          Environmental Quality and Human Health

Alongside the traditional topics in environmental geochemistry of air, water, sediments and soils, we will explore the following pressing issues:


       Biogeochemistry of trace elements, organic pollutants and radio-nuclides

       Medical geology, environmental pollution and public health

       Interpretation using GIS, such as health atlas and geochemical mapping, whilst allowing for uncertainty

       Urban geochemistry, contaminated land and waste management

       Environmental impacts of climate change and human activities: agriculture, industry, transport and pesticides

       Chemicals fate, transport and exposure in environmental extreme events

       Minerals and the environment

       Perception and communication of environmental health risks and social inequality


Detailed scientific topics for abstract submission (When you submit your abstracts, you will be required to choose one of the following topics that best suits your abstract.):

1. Agricultural pollution 2. Air (indoor and outdoor) pollution and health 3. Bioavailability and bio-accessibility 4. Biomonitoring 5. Cancer 6. Climate change impact 7. Contaminated land 8. Environmental impact of traffic and transportation 9. Environmental policy 10. Epidemiology 11. Exposure assessment 12. Food contamination 13. GIS mapping and spatial analysis (Geochemistry, Pollution, Health) 14. Health impact assessment 15. Health risk perception and communication 16. Heavy metals and metalloids 17. House dust 18. Medical geology 19. Minerals 20. Marine pollution 21. POPs, Pesticides, Dioxins 22. Pollution archive (cores) 23. Radio-nuclides 24. Respiratory diseases 25. Risk assessment 26. Sediment geochemistry 27. Social inequality 28. Soil geochemistry 29. Urban geochemistry 30. Waste and waste management 31. Water pollution 32. Others


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SEGH 2010 International Conference and Workshops