Withdrawing from NUI Galway

Circumstances occasionally arise that can cause a student to consider leaving NUI Galway before having completed their course of study. 

It is the policy of NUI Galway to: 

  • offer support and guidance to any student who find themselves in this situation
  • seek to resolve whatever issues are giving rise to such a possible course of action if it is within the capacity of the university to do so
  • provide a student-centred, respectful, uncomplicated process of withdrawing from university before course completion, when such a decision has been made
  • ensure that every possible effort is made to expedite and facilitate the possible return to NUI Galway of any student who leaves prematurely

Before You Withdraw: 

To leave University before course completion is a big step that may have unforeseen repercussions and should not be taken lightly. Serious consideration should first be given to the implications of withdrawing and the alternatives. Furthermore, this step should not be taken without seeking advice and support, whether the issues are academic, personal or financial. For some of the sources of advice click here.

Additional sources of support and advice can be found here.

There may be a number of reasons why you are considering University before course completion; outlined here are some courses of action to be considered before making a decision to withdraw:  

Academic Issues 
Financial Problems

Withdrawal procedure:

If you have made up your mind that withdrawing from a course at this point is the right thing to do then you should make sure you complete the checklist of things to do

Once a signed and fully completed withdrawal form has been submitted to the staff of the Student Information Desk in Áras Uí Chathail, de-registration procedures will immediately begin and relevant authorities within and outside the University will be informed.  After this, it is not possible to re-register until the following academic year.  

Therefore great care should be taken that you do not withdraw until a fully considered decision to leave university before course completion is made.  

Coming Back:

It is the policy and desire of NUI, Galway that any student who leaves before the completion of their course, would be facilitated to return to University to complete their studies, whenever this is possible.  Check here for more information about how to complete your studies or return to a different course.