Film Created by NUI Galway Students Explores the Issues of Sexual Consent

NUI Galway students address issues of sexual assault and the negotiation of sexual consent in the short film, Lucy’s House Party, an NUI Galway and Galway Rape Crisis Centre co-production, supported by The Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland. 

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2017 Workshops

Smart Consent workshops - all welcome! Free Lunch!

Aras na Macleinn, ground floor.

Wednesday 8th February

1.00 -2.30pm

Repeated at  2.30-4.00pm

Thursday 9th February


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What to expect

SMART Consent workshops return for February 2017 Students Union SHAG Week at NUI Galway! Free admission and free lunch / Pizza! Over 800 students have taken part in one of our sessions since 2015. Consistently rated at 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5 by our participants.

Lots of positive feedback from students who say the workshop is: 'fun', 'very open and easy to engage', 'craic', 'comfortable and relaxed', 'everyone got their say', 'no pressure', 'funny' .

This is cutting edge research designed at NUI Galway but we have found a way to make it interesting and relevant to all genders and orientations.

You are never asked about any of your experiences of sexual consent, but get to work on interesting and fun activities we have designed from our research with over 2,500 students around Ireland. Sign up for one of the two 1.5 hour workshops we will run on Wednesday or for the 2 hour workshop on Thursday.

About the Smart Consent Initiative

NUI Galway is piloting ‘Smart Consent’ workshops, and is the first campus to lead on this training and are working with other Higher Education Institutes to roll it out nationally. Consent can be a grey area, as it is often sought and communicated indirectly and these workshops will provide students with the opportunity to talk about positive forms of sexual communication. This campaign is relevant as survey results showed 50% of NUI Galway students would not verbalise what they are comfortable with sexually with sexual partners.

 NUI Galway Students' Video on Sexual Health Awareness

Elaine Byrne shares #SmartConsent at the recent #StudentTalks16

A big part of #NUIGsafecampus is supporting student relationships.  Here Elaine Byrne shares her work on the Smart Consent Workshops at the recent Student Talks event held in Dublin.

Contact Smart Consent

Dr Pádraig MacNeela and PHD candidate Elaine Byrnes are the Smart Consent creators.


Key Contacts

Galway Rape Crisis Centre,,

Dr Charlotte McIvor, School of Drama and Performance,

Dr Charlotte McIvor and her drama students have utilised NUI Galway research completed by the School of Psychology to interpret and create piece of theatre. Students involved in this project had developed in depth knowledge and understanding of sexual consent. This was a huge asset to share this learning with peers.

NUI Galway Students' Union Welfare Officer,

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