Elite Sport

NUI Galway has a long and successful tradition of helping to produce some of Ireland’s finest sporting talent. This is a tradition we seek to enhance and progress into the future by significantly supporting the elite student athlete as well as developing high performance supports for key focus sports.

NUI Galway Elite Athlete Scholarship

This scheme has been running for several years and has been one of the most successful schemes in the country in supporting young, talented athletes reaching the top of their sport and achieving academic excellence.

A number of current and former scholarship are National Champions and Internationals in Rugby, Rowing, Boxing, Swimming, Basketball, Athletics, Windsurfing, Climbing and Sailing amongst others.

The Scholarship program has been strategically developed not just to reward their ability and previous performances but to assist these young athletes develop their sporting ability hand in hand with their academic progress by putting in place the necessary supports.

The benefits of being a scholarship holder include:

  •  A subsistence grant
  • Coaching support
  • Medical and Physiotherapy support
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Performance Psychology
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Performance planning and mentoring. 
  • Career Development Support 

Each scholarship will be built around the individual’s needs and their chosen sport. Our key goal is to provide the supports that the ambitious and dedicated athlete can avail of to help them improve and excel.