Benefits of Mentoring

Benefits to the Mentee:

  • Enhancement of induction for new staff and accelerates their learning curve
  • Increases in clarity and management of career goals
  • Opportunity to have own thinking and beliefs challenged
  • Development of a wider network of influence through engagement with their mentor
  • Provision of time and space to reflect, develop insight, increase self-awareness and confidence
  • Increase in productivity, effectiveness and contribution to career goals
  • Support in managing and developing relationships with others
  • Gain insight into the culture of NUI Galway, its formal and informal structure and how it operates

Benefits to the Mentor:

  • Development of a new set of skills and additional learning acquired from the relationship
  • Contact with early career academic staff and familarisation with their career development
  • Opportunity for reflective space and to gain personal insight
  • Satisfaction of developing colleagues and helping them succeed