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Procurement Training:The Quotation Process - February 15th
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Policies and Procedures
Course rationale:
While there is legislation to govern the purchasing process for spends at tendering thresholds, many purchases below the tendering thresholds are often significant in their own right and are of particular interest to SMEs and start-up companies. The fact that these contracts are below the threshold does not remove the obligation to seek best VFM for public funds, nor does it remove the overriding obligations for openness and transparency. All NUI Galway Budget Holders must ensure that University monies are spent in compliance with the Procurement/
Financial Policy. As part of this policy, to achieve best value for money, it is a requirement that written quotations are sought from potential suppliers. The aim of this workshop is to provide University buyers with an understanding of the needs and methodologies to carry out below threshold procurement whilst maintaining the goals of attaining VFM (value for money) and ensuring compliance.
Course aim:
The participants will obtain:
  • An understanding of the need and wherewithal to seek bids for small value contracts.

  • A methodology to ensure that small value contracts are advertised and fairly won.

  • An understanding of how to specify, seek and evaluate bids

  • Target group:
    Budget Holders/Administration and/or technical staff that have a role in specifying and procuring services and supplies
    ♦ Commodity buyers that procure small value contracts on a regular basis.
  • Introduction

  • Below threshold Procurement Principles of the Treaty of Rome

  • Current Legislation and Guidelines

  • Sourcing Service Providers

  • Selecting the Service Provider

  • Evaluating the bids

  • Awarding the Contract

  • Open Forum, Questions and Answers

  • Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
    Feb 15, 2013
    1 days
    9.15am - 1.00pm
    Ms. Ann Melia, Procurement & Contracts Manager
    Organisation & Staff Development
    Ms. Ann Melia
    Procurement Office
    NUI Galway
    Training Room, Human Resources
    The registration period has expired.