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Time Management - May 16th
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Professional Skills
Course aim:
The aim of this one day workshop is to help staff achieve a greater appreciation of the importance of taking
control in managing their time so that they can get the best out of their day, increase productivity,
reach their objectives and improve their work life balance. Participants will learn the necessary skills to
help them analyse their time, improve their daily activities using practical tools and by creating new habits
to help them plan, prioritise, delegate their tasks and activities each day
Key principles of time management for a better work-life balance
Analysis of your current activities and how you really spend your time at work
Identify the most common “time pitfalls” and learn to overcome them
Work smarter – not harder and identify ways to create and save time
The 80/20 rule – prioritise 20% of activities which yield an 80% result
Gain clarity about what’s important and concentrate on the right things first
Know the difference between important and urgent items
Set realistic and achievable goals and SMART objectives
Develop a personal action plan and prioritise workloads - monthly, weekly and daily tasks
Adopt a variety of tactics to “stay on top of your work” & within realistic time-lines
Tips for handling large volumes of email and staying focused organised
Eliminate procrastination, avoid distractions & learn to make decisions
Manage interruptions with courtesy and deal with time thieves
Say “NO” politely, and delegate more effectively – where appropriate
Communicate and negotiate priorities and time-lines
How to switch off at the end of the day
Commit to a personal action plan for on-going increased productivity and improved performance
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
May 16, 2013
0 days
9.20am - 5.00pm
Training Room, Human Resources, Quadrangle Building
The registration period has expired.