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Laboratory Safety and Biological Agents - April 10th
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Laboratory Safety
Course rationale:
There is an increased insistence in universities for adequate safety measures involving the use of biological agents (BAs) in laboratories. Safety legislation, funding agencies and increased regulatory enforcement all require Principal Investigators to ensure that risks with BAs have been correctly identified and assessed. This is all the more important in a teaching institution where the potential of BAs and their applications is continually expanding in scientific disciplines that traditionally did not harness them.
Course aim:
To provide up to date guidance and awareness of current regulation and best practice on matters relating to bio-safety.
Course objectives:
To equip participants with the skills to safely handle BAs;
To identify and assess the risks they present;
To manage the safety issues in a laboratory using them.
Target group:
Principal Investigators, laboratory managers, Technical Officers, post-doctoral researchers, post-graduate students
Classification of BAs, Risk assessment of BAs, Laboratory Containment, Microbiological Safety Cabinets, Autoclaves, Sterilisation/Disinfectants, Laboratory management, Spillages, Transport of BAs by road, rail, air, Waste management, Emergency plans, Health surveillance requirements.
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Apr 10, 2014
1 days
9.15am - 5.00pm
Helen Barry, Chief Medical Scientist, St. James Hospital, Dublin.
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