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Compressed Gases Safety - May 7th
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Laboratory Safety
Course rationale:
This training course has two elements: a theory session and a practical session. Both sessions comprise one course, and both sessions must be attended by participants to validate their training.

For the practical sessions, the participants will be organised into groups of 8 by the trainer on the day. Each group will undergo practical training for 1 hour. The first practical session starts around 10.00am and the last practical session will end at 5.00pm.
Course aim:
To inform relevant staff on the safe use and practices while working with compressed gas and associated equipment in a laboratory environment.
Target group:
Laboratory Staff
Gas properties, identification of gas cylinders, oxygen deficiency and enrichment, handling and storage of gas cylinders, piped systems, emergency procedures, checking regulators and leak testing and personal protective equipment (PPE).
For the Practical Training:
All participants must bring their own protective footwear suitable for handling CG cylinders.
Participants are asked to bring along, where possible, any other PPE (gloves, protective eyewear) that they may be currently using to handle compressed gases.
All participants will be expected to fully participate in all the practical exercises posted by the trainer.
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
May 7, 2014
1 days
9.15am - 5.00pm
Organisation and Staff Development
BOC Gases Ireland
G047, College of Engineering & Informatics
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