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Preparing for an Interview (Thurs May 15th 2014)
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Career Pathways
Course rationale:
This course is designed to give participants the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours required to prepare for, manage and perform well at interview.
Course aim:
By the end of the session, you will:
  • know how to competently complete an application form

  • know how to prepare for the interview presentation

  • have identified ways to link your experience and achievements to the position and answer the interview questions competently

  • Target group:
    Support Staff

    • Understand the interview process

    • Preparation in completing an application form

    • Preparation for the interview presentation

    • Preparation for the actual interview - possible interview questions, techniques to prepare responses

    • Techniques to manage performance at interview - importance of body language, voice

    Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
    May 15, 2014
    1 days
    9:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.
    Organisation and Staff Development office
    AMB G065 (Arts Millennium Extension)
    The registration period has expired.