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MS Word Advanced - (Wed June 4th 2014)
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Information Technology
Target group:
Strong users who want to develop features including Mailings, Designing User Forms, automation using macros. Users of long/complex documents will benefit from tables of contents, etc.
Advanced Paragraph Formats
Multilevel List Numbering
Adjust Spaces Between Lines or Paragraphs, Controlling Page Breaks
Document Sections
Change Document Layout or Formatting
Watermarks and Backgrounds
Headers/Footers and Page Numbering
Save a Header/Footer into The Gallery
Display Header/Footer on The First Page, Odd, Even Pages and in Multiple Sections
Advanced Table Features
Perform Table Calculations
Converting Tables to Text/Text to Tables
Using the Outline View
The Outline Tools and Master Documents
Building Blocks
Quick Parts, Cover Pages, Autotext
Quick Styles and The Quick Styles Gallery
Create a New Style, Modifying a Style
Style Inspector and Manage Styles
Creating and Modifying Templates
Add Content Controls and Instructional Text
Save and Distribute Building Blocks
Apply a Theme, Customise Themes
Document References
Bookmarks and Referencing to a Bookmark
Captioning, Creating a Table of Figures
Indexes and Tables of Contents
Footnotes and Endnotes
Track Document Changes
Setting change tracking options
Compare and combine
Creating Forms
Displaying the Developer Tab
Adding Content Controls and Legacy Tools
Protecting a Form and Saving as a template
Advanced Mail Merge Features
Creating a Catalogue List
Mail Merge from Outlook Contacts
Using Word Fields
Displaying The Developer Tab
Recording and Running a Macro
Protecting Documents
Restrict Formatting and Editing
Smartart, Text Boxes, Equations and Symbols

Delegates must have MS Word Intermediate level.
Applicants will be requested to complete Pre-training Questionnaire.
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Jun 4, 2014
1 days
9:30am - 4:30pm
Organisation & Staff Development, Human Resources
PC Suite, Nursing Library, James Hardiman Library
The registration period has expired.