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Procurement Training: The Tender Process - November 26th
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Policies and Procedures
Course rationale:
As a public sector body, once the individual or annual budget of a planned purchase is over 50,000** the University must go out to tender for the product or service. The tender process can often seem a daunting task. The content of this course will give you the confidence to use the template documents that are available on the Procurement & Contracts Office website in the knowledge that you are conducting your buying process in a consistent manner that will achieve the desired result.
Course aim:
Raise the awareness of the key issues surrounding the award of supplies and service contracts.
Understanding of Irish and EU Legislation (Including the new Remedies Directive)
Target group:
Any staff involved in buying of supplies or services over the value of 50,000** (this is an accumulated figure over a defined period of time and not a once off value) should attend this course.
Purchasing Principles
Defining supply and service contracts
Estimating contract values
The different types of purchasing procedures and what are their appropriate uses
Advertising the tender the key questions in the notices
The differences between Pre-Qualification criteria and Tender Award Criteria
Key components of tender documents
Evaluation process
Award process
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Nov 26, 2012
1 days
09:15a.m. - 1:00p.m.
Ms. Ann Melia, Procurement & Contracts Manager
Organisation and Staff Development
Ann Melia, Procurement Manager
Training Room, Human Resources
The registration period has expired.