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Procurement Training: Buyers Beware - January 9th
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Policies and Procedures
Course rationale:
This course outlines how to get the best value for money, when to issue a Purchase Order, when to get quotations, how to decide what supplier to use, when further authorisation is required, who can assist with queries, and what template documents are available to make it easier. This is the foundation course for anyone who make purchases on behalf of the University.
Target group:
All staff with a responsibility for purchasing Department Heads, Budget Holders and ALL staff who place orders for supplies/services on behalf of their office/department, must attend this course.
The importance of the spend value, Centralised Contracts - what are they, The purchasing cycle, The function of the Procurement and Contracts office, How the Procurement and Contracts office website can help you - Purchasing Wizard, centralised contracts, supplier web portals, legislation, document templates, Purchase Orders - When they are needed, what information is required, Product Codes, when further approval sign off is required, manual vs electronic, Accepting delivery - what happens next: check delivery, goods received note, etc and the function of Accounts Payable.
Start date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Jan 9, 2013
0 days
9.30am - 1.00pm
Organisation and Staff Development
Ms. Ann Melia
Procurement Office
Training Room, Human Resources
The registration period has expired.