The New Staff Handbook is available to view or download, this is a very useful booklet for a new staff member and all new staff receive a copy of this booklet in their induction pack from the HR office at the time of their appointment.
The handbook is also available as gaeilge, New Staff Handbook (as gaeilge).

A well-planned and executed induction should:

  • make new members of staff feel welcome
  • provide an introduction to the University
  • give an insight into other people’s jobs
  • provide essential background information to assist new members of staff with their own work
  • clarify job expectations and initial objectives

The Head of Unit's role is to ensure the induction meets these requirements so that every new member of staff has a strong start in their new role and feels part of their new team as soon as possible. 
In nominating an Induction Coordinator, the Head of Unit must ensure the induction coordinator has all the knowledge required to carry out the induction properly.

In addition to the local induction, a centralised induction is held annually (usually September) for new staff members to the University.  The programme provides new staff with the opportuntiy to understand the University's structure, governance and strategy.  It is also an opportunity to meet new colleagues and Senior management of the University.
A video of the 2010 centralised induction is available on the staff intranet New Employee Induction Videos page.